Information for Graduate Students

Information for Graduate Students:

  • Graduate studies at CSULA: The best place to start as a graduate student is to read the part of the course catalog about graduate studies at CSULA.  It has all the information you need.  Click on the section "Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Studies : General Information" on this page to see it.  Another good place to start as a graduate student is to read the graduate handbook which is located here (It may still be written for the quarter system, but it should be updated soon.)
  • Math Department Graduate Studies info: Go here for a link of what classes are required for the Master's degree in Mathematics.   Click on the course catalog link.
  • Various Graduate Student forms: Here is a website with various forms for graduate students.
  • WPE information / GWAR requirement: Make sure that you have satisfied the GWAR requirement.  Usually this involves taking the WPE exam.  Take the WPE exam as soon as possible in your graduate career.  You cannot take the comprehensive exams or take the 5990 thesis course if you have not satisfied the GWAR requirement.  See here for information on the WPE.  There are other ways to satisfy the GWAR requirement.  See here in the course catalog for more information.  
  • TA information: See this page for information on being a TA in our department.
  • Thesis information: Go here for information on doing a thesis in our department, including the requirements, etc.   Here is a university page with the various deadlines when doing a thesis.
  • Comprehensive Exam information: See here for information about the comprehensive exams.   To take a comprehensive exam you must meet the requirements which are listed under "Comprehensive exam rules."  In particular note the gpa requirement and WPE requirement. 

    Procedure to take the comps: (1) Get the comprehensive exam form from the math front office.   (2) Fill out the form and have me sign it.  (3) Return the form to the math front office and they will give you a permit to add the Math 5960 (comp exam) course.   (4) Add the Math 5960 course.

    Dates for the comprehensive exam are at this page, however they may not be updated until we know who is taking the comps so we don't make any conflicting test schedules.  This would be done around the add deadline.
  • How to apply for graduation: Information on applying for graduation is here.   The page gives the dates for turning in your application for graduation.  The application for graduation is under "Graduation Application for Graduates & Doctorate Degrees."   Procedure: (1) Fill out the form, (2) have me sign it, and (3) turn in the form where it says to turn it in and pay the fee it says to pay.