Veterans Affairs

Veterans’ Services

Cal State L.A. is approved for the training of veterans of military services and their dependents under educational assistance programs established by state and federal governments. Authorization for training under all federal bills must be obtained from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). All applications for benefits must be filed through the following web Link: Veterans with no prior training under the G.I. Bill are urged to request their letter of eligibility at least two months before enrolling. Those transferring from another school should submit their transfer request at least one month before enrolling.

The CSULA Registrar’s Office, located in Administration 401, provides enrollment certification for financial benefits and serves as a liaison between the University and the VA regional office about benefit payments and advisement about current benefits. Information about changes in legislative regulations and procedures also is available.

For questions regarding enrolling at CSULA as a veteran, please feel free to contact us at To apply online, visit

Veterans and Dependents: Federal and State Programs of Education

Under Title 38, U.S. code, chapters 30, 31, 32, 35, 106 and applicable Veterans’ Affairs regulations, all eligible veterans and persons must select and pursue a program of education (degree objective) or training to assist them in attaining an educational, professional, or vocational goal.

All eligible veterans or persons must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the University. Contact the Office of Enrollment Services located in Administration 146 for information and regulations governing satisfactory progress. Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress may subject the eligible veteran or person to termination of education benefits and may require mandatory counseling by the Veterans Affairs before benefits are reinstated. A veteran who is declared eligible for benefits under Veterans Affairs regulations must be matriculated and officially enrolled and must have had all prior training evaluated by the University.

Children of Disabled Veterans

Students who qualify as children of certain disabled veterans of U.S. military services may be exempted from paying any student services portion of the registration fees, according to the California Education Code. Information about eligibility requirements and applications for waiver of these fees are available in the Registrar’s Office.

Veterans’ Responsibilities

All veterans are responsible for reporting their academic program each quarter they attend. All additions or reductions in units or withdrawal from the University must be promptly reported to the Records Office, located in Administration 409. Failure to report changes may result in severe penalties.

Credit for Military Service

Students are granted nine quarter units of lower division elective credit, upon admission, for one year or more of regular active duty in a U.S. military service with an Honorable Discharge, including completion of basic or recruit training. For six months to one full year of military service (including completion of a six-month reserve training program with basic recruit training, and an Honorable Discharge), 4.5 quarter units of lower division elective credit are granted upon admission. Additional credit to a maximum of 12 quarter units may be granted for completion of certain service school certificate programs, based on recommendations of the Commission on Educational Credit and Credentials of the American Council on Education.

Forms for requesting evaluation of military service credit are available in Student Affairs 101. Students should submit a copy of their military separation, DD214 or equivalent record, with their application for admission. Military service credit is not applied toward the residence requirement. To request copies of military personnel records, go to:


Note: This is an update for Enrolled Veterans

Senate Bill 272 was signed by the Governor on October 9, 2007, and in part reads as follows:

“…The California State University and each community college district shall, and the University of California is requested to, with respect to each campus in their respective jurisdictions that administers a priority enrollment system, grant priority in that system for registration for enrollment to any member or former member of the Armed Forces of the United States for any academic term attended at one of these institutions…”

Verification of military service for qualifying veterans must be supported with a copy of their DD 214 - Record of Military Service.