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2016-2017 Academic Year

Winter 2017 Information

Fall 2016 Information

Quick dates

Fall 2016 (08/22/16 - 12/10/16)

  • Fee payment for registration begins: April 04, 2016
  • Registration begins: May 02, 2016
  • First day of instruction: Aug 22, 2016
  • Campus Closed on September 05, November 11, 24, 25


Printable Master List of Classes

For a list of all classes go here (PDF format).

Academic Calendar Fall 2016

Apr 4 (M)Fee payment for Fall 2016 registration begins
Apr 4 (M)Fall parking permits available online at CashNet Smartpay
May 2–Sep 6Fall 2016 GET registration for continuing students by appointment only
Jul 4 (M)Independence Day Holiday; University Closed
Jul 10 (Su)Last day to register for Fall 2016 directed teaching, no late registration allowed
Jul 18 (M)Fall Parking Permits on sale at the Parking and Transportation Service Center
Jul 25–29 (M–F)Summer 2016 final examinations
Aug 1–21Summer 2016 Quarter break; no classes in session
Aug 5 (F)Summer 2016 grades available on GET
Aug 15 (M)$25 late registration fee for Fall 2016 begins for continuing students
Aug 21 (Su)Fall 2016 Last day to drop all classes for 100% refund
Aug 22 (M)Fall 2016 Semester classes begin
Sep 5 (M)Labor Day Holiday; University closed
Sep 6 (Tu)Last day to pay Fall 2017 registration fees and be guaranteed access to register by October 8 includes $25 late fee
Sep 6 (Tu)Fall 2016 No record drop deadline (use GET to drop)
Sep 6 (Tu)Fall 2016 add deadline (includes application for CR/NC or A, B, C/NC grading and the WPE [UNIV 400]), includes $25 late fee
Sep 6 (Tu)Last day for partial refunds (reduction in unit loads)
Sep 7 (W)Fall 2016 “W” withdrawal period begins (requires instructor and department chair signatures on Drop Request form – submit to Admin. 409 to drop)
Sep 8 (Th)Deadline to apply for Spring 2017 Directed Teaching
Sep 12 (M)Deadline for reinstatement of Summer 2016 disqualified students in Fall 2016 classes
Sep 27 (Tu)Deadline to submit "credit by exam" requests for Fall 2016
Oct 6 (Th)Deadline to apply for Fall 2016 Cal State LA recommended credentials
Nov 10 (Tu)Last day to drop all classes for prorated refund
Nov 11 (F)Last day to request refund for parking permit
Nov 11 (F)Veteran’s Day Holiday; University closed
Nov 16 (W)“W” withdrawal period ends for Fall 2016
Nov 16 (W)Last day to submit planned student leave petitions for Spring 2017
Nov 17 (Th)Emergency Withdrawal period begins for Fall 2016 (extenuating circumstances only; requires instructor, department chair and college dean signatures on Drop Request form submitted to Admin. 409 to drop)
Nov 23 (W)Study Day Holiday; no classes in session
Nov 24–25 (Th–F)Thanksgiving Day Holiday; University closed
Dec 2 (F)Fall 2016 Emergency Withdrawal period ends
Dec 6–10 (Tu–Sa)Fall 2016 final examinations
Dec 11–Jan 22Fall 2016 Semester break; no classes in session
Dec 16 (F)Fall 2016 grades available on GET
Dec 26–Jan 2 (M–M)Campus Holiday; University closed
Jan 2, 2017 (M)New Year’s Day Holiday; University closed
Jan 23 (M)Spring 2017 Semester classes begin

Fall 2016 Final Exam Schedule

Use this chart to find the day and time for your class:

  1. Figure out how many units the class has
  2. Determine the meeting pattern (i.e. MWF, TR, etc)
  3. What time does the class meet?

Example: My class is 3 units and meets on Tues and Thurs at 12:15. So it's a 3u TR 12:15 class. My exam time is Thurs Dec 8 from 11:20am-1:20pm. Note: u stands for units. T is Tuesday, R is Thursday. No exams are scheduled for Mon Dec 5.

Exam TimesTue (T) Dec 6Wed (W) Dec 7Thu (R) Dec 8Fri (F) Dec 9Sat (Sa) Dec 10
7:00am to 9:00am2u TR 7:003u MWF 7:00
2u MW 7:00
2u MF 7:00
2u WF 7:00
2u TR 8:004u MWF 8:00
3u MWF 8:00
2u MW 8:00
2u MF 8:00
2u WF 8:00
9:10am to 11:10am3u TR 8:00
2u TR 9:00
4u MWF 9:25
3u MWF 9:00
2u MW 9:00
2u MF 9:00
2u WF 9:00
3u TR 9:25
2u TR 10:00
3u MWF 10:00
2u MW 10:00
2u MF 10:00
2u WF 10:00
3u Sa 8:00
11:20am to 1:20pm3u TR 10:50
2u TR 11:00
4u MWF 11:00
3u MWF 11:00
2u MW 11:00
2u MF 11:00
2u WF 11:00
3u TR 12:15
2u TR 12:00
4u MWF 12:15
3u MW 12:15
3u Sa 11:00
1:30pm to 3:30pm3u TR 1:40
2u TR 1:00
4u MWF 1:40
3u MW 1:40
4u MWF 3:05
3u MW 3:05
3u F 12:00(none)
3:40pm to 5:40pm3u TR 4:30
2u TR 5:00
4u MWF 4:30
3u MW 4:30
2u TR 2:003u F 4:00(none)
5:50pm to 7:50pm4u TR 6:00
3u TR 6:00
3u T 6:00
2u TR 6:00
3u MW 7:25
3u W 6:00
2u MW 7:25
2u W 6:00
4u TR 7:50
3u TR 7:25
3u R 6:00
2u TR 7:25
4u MW 6:00
3u MW 6:00
3u M 6:00
2u MW 6:00
2u M 6:00
8:00pm to 10:00pm3u TR 8:50
2u TR 8:50
4u MW 7:50
3u MW 8:50
2u MW 8:50
2u W 7:50
2u M 7:503u F 6:50(none)

A printable .PDF copy of this schedule is available here.

Schedule of Classes

Academic Information

The General Education (GE) Program

Each baccalaureate student who entered Cal State LA Fall 2016 or later and who is subject to the requirements in the 2016-17 or later catalog shall complete the General Education program described below, in consultation with an academic advisor. The requirements include a minimum of 39 lower division units and 9 upper division units, selected from approved courses, for a total of 48 units. At least 9 of the total 48 units must be earned at Cal State LA. All students who are subject to the requirements of the 2016-17 or later catalog must earn a C average (2.00 G.P.A.) in their General Education program and a minimum C grade in all Block A and B4 (basic subjects) courses. A grade of “C-“ is not acceptable in these courses. All basic subjects courses must be completed within the first 30 units counted toward the baccalaureate degree. Please consult the current Schedule of Classes for specific information about distribution requirements, unit requirements, and current general education courses.

Configuration of "Blocks" of G.E. Courses

A. BASIC SUBJECTS (9 units) One course each from A1, A2, and A3.

  • A1. Oral Communication (3 units)
  • A2. Written Communication (3 units)
  • A3. Critical Thinking and Composition (3 units)

All basic subjects courses require a grade of C or better.
AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS (6 units) All areas must be met. US History (3 units) US Constitution and State/Local Government (3 units)
(Transfer students who need to meet the State/Local Government requirement may take POLS 2000.)


B. NATURAL SCIENCES and MATHEMATICS/QUANTITATIVE REASONING (9 units) Two courses from two of the three areas B1, B2, or B3 and one course from B4 which requires a grade of C or better.

  • B1. Physical (3 units)
  • B2. Biological (3 units)
  • B3. Interdisciplinary Physical/Biological (3 units)
  • B4. Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (3 units)


C. ARTS and HUMANITIES (6 units) One course each from C1 and C2.

  • C1. Arts (3 units)
  • C2. Humanities (3 units)


D. SOCIAL SCIENCES (6 units) Two courses from two different disciplines.

E. LIFELONG UNDERSTANDING and SELF-DEVELOPMENT (3 units) One course. (An Introduction to Higher Education (IHE) course is required of all first-time freshman.)

F. UPPER DIVISION GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENT (9 units) Students must complete one course in each of the three discipline areas (Natural Sciences and Quantitative Reasoning; Arts and Humanities; and Social Sciences). One of these courses must include a Civic Learning/Community Engagement component (cl). Completion of the basic subjects requirements (Block A and B4) and at least one course each from Blocks B, C, and D are prerequisites to all upper division G.E. courses. Students cannot take courses from their major to satisfy the Upper Division G.E. requirement.

• DIVERSITY REQUIREMENT (6 units) Students must complete two courses certified as diversity courses. Students must complete one race/ethnicity (re) course and one diversity (d) course or a second race/ethnicity (re) course. These courses may be completed either at the lower or upper division level from courses designated as (re) or (d) after the course listing.

• CIVIC LEARNING/COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT REQUIREMENT (3 units) All students are required to complete at least one course (3 units) containing a Civic Learning or Community Engagement component, designated as (cl), at the upper division G.E. level. First-time freshmen will complete an additional 3 units of (cl) in the required IHE course.

• WRITING INTENSIVE REQUIREMENT (6 units) In addition to composition courses taken for Blocks A2 and A3, students will complete at least two writing intensive courses (designated as (wi)) with at least one (wi) course in the major.

Configuration of Units

ABasic Subjects9
AAmerican Institutions6
BNatural Sciences9
DSocial Sciences6
ELifelong Understanding & Self-Development3
 Lower Division Total39
FUpper Division G.E.9
 General Education Total48

A printable version of this document can be found here.

General Education (GE) Course tables (through Fall 2016)

Effective Fall 2016, the GE program includes requirements for diversity courses with an emphasis on race and ethnicity, civic learning courses, and writing intensive courses. Courses that meet these requirements have the following designations after the course listing in the catalog:

  • Diversity
    • d - General diversity
    • re - Race/ethnicity
  • cl - Civic learning
  • wi - Writing intensive

Student Health Center - Campus Health Requirements

Measles and Rubella (M/R) Immunizations Students born after January 1, 1957, are required to present proof* of measles and rubella immunizations. Students born in 1982 or later (1983, 1984 etc.) who were enrolled in a California public school will have satisfied this requirement (i.e. you will not need to bring proof of immunization to the Student Health Center). Students will not be able to register for a second term until this requirement has been completed. * Acceptable proof is a written document, such as immunization card signed and dated by a licensed health care provider or photocopies of high school immunization records.

Hepatitis B Immunizations All new students 18 years of age and younger are required to present written proof* of immunization against hepatitis B. Hepatitis B immunization consists of a series of three injections. Students born in 1982 or later (1983, 1984, etc.) who were enrolled in a California public school will have satisfied this requirement (i.e. you will not need to bring proof of immunization to the Student Health Center). Students will not be able to register for a second term until this requirement has been completed. * Acceptable proof is a written document, such as immunization card signed and dated by a licensed health care provider or photocopies of high school immunization records.

Meningococcal Vaccine Housing Services will provide all freshmen who will be residing in on-campus housing with a meningococcal disease information form. The form must be returned to Housing Services indicating the student’s receipt of the information and their decision to receive or decline the vaccination for meningococcal disease.

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening On-campus housing residents must do one of the following:

  1. Provide an acceptable proof of negative TB skin test or chest x-ray taken within a year of their move-in as stated in the Housing Services Tuberculosis Verification form✳.
  2. Fill out a TB Screening Questionnaire✳ and complete the TB screening process.
  3. ✳Both forms are available at Housing Services, the SHC, and the SHC’s website.
    Go here for a printable Immunization Requirements for New Students. For additional information, please call the SHC at (323) 343-3300 or visit: