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GET Registration

Students register for classes through the GET website (  In order to provide optimum access to all students, GET is restricted to specific numbers of students within specific classifications each day. A "Registration Appointment Time" is placed in each students' GET account prior to the first day of registration for each quarter which includes the assigned dates that each student has been approved for access to GET. Students that don't receive a an Appointment Schedule should contact the Enrollment Services Office located in Administration 146 (323) 343-3840.

What is a PIN?

A PIN is a Personal Identification Number that is randomly assigned every student at Cal State LA and is used to access GET and other student specific academic records. The PIN is the 'key' to the student's academic record and should be kept separately from the Campus Identification Number (CIN). The PIN is the final security check to obtain private and confidential student related information and must be kept in a secure location by the individual student. Student's that forget or lose their PIN must either contact the GET Helpline at (323) 343-7438 to have it mailed to them or come in-person to the Office of Enrollment Services, located in Administration 146, in order to obtain their PIN.   PIN's are never given over the telephone, faxed or e-mailed.

GET Registration Worksheet and Fee Analysis Form

In order to register using the telephone system you must follow the instructions on the GET Registration Worksheet

Fees must be paid in advance to use GET.  

 PDF Icon Fee Analysis form: GET Fees

STAR Registration Worksheet and Fee Analysis Form

In order to register using the telephone system you must follow the instructions on the STAR Registration Worksheet.

Fees must be paid in advance to use STAR.

PDF Icon Fee Analysis form: STAR Fees

Auditing a Class

Enrollment as an auditor can be approved by the class instructor only after students eligible to enroll on a credit basis have had an opportunity to do so. Students who registered for other classes may add classes for audit only by special arrangement with the class instructor. Regular add procedures do not apply. Students must submit a program change form, approved by the instructor for audit, at Administration 146. No entry of audited courses is made on the student's study list, grade report, or transcript.

Withdrawal from Courses

Students withdraw from courses during the first seven days of instruction for any quarter through GET. Students that drop courses during this time period do not need to receive permission from the instructor and will have no record of the individual course withdrawal on their permanent academic record. After the "no-record drop" deadline, students may drop with a "W" grade from any course but only for serious and compelling reasons. These requests are granted only with the written approval of the instructor and department or division chair on program change forms available at Administration 146. Withdrawals during the final three weeks of instruction are permitted only when the cause of withdrawal (such as accident or serious illness) is clearly beyond the student's control and assignment of an IN (Incomplete) is not practicable. Ordinarily, such withdrawals also involve total withdrawal from the University, except that CR (credit) or IN (Incomplete) may be assigned for courses in which the student has completed sufficient work to permit an evaluation. Requests to withdraw under these circumstances are handled as described above, except that such requests must also be endorsed by the dean of the school and appropriate documentation verifying the reason must be attached.

Reporting an Enrollment Discrepancy

All students have access to view their official enrollment for a term at any time through GET. If there are any enrollment discrepancies apparent at this time the student is responsible for bringing them to the attention of the Office of Enrollment Services located in Administration 146. If the student is enrolled in a course section that he/she thought they had dropped or don't remember registering in, they must obtain a program change form and the signed approval of the instructor, department chair, and depending on the week of the quarter, the school dean's signatures in order to have the course officially dropped from their record. The student is the only individual responsible for their enrollment record, they should not assume that because they don't come to the first class meeting that the instructor will drop them from the course.


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