Enrollment Waitlist FAQ

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How do I add myself to a waitlist?

You may view a slideshow of the steps here.

What is a waitlist?

Students may add their name to a list for a class that is full during the enrollment process. When a seat becomes available, the student will be automatically enrolled. Be sure to also read the limitations to waitlisting prior to enrolling.

What are the waitlist limitations?

  • Co-requisite - Classes that require a co-requisite may not be waitlisted.
  • Permitted Course - Courses that require permission may not be waitlisted. Students should go to the department to receive a permit.
  • Registration Hold (Negative Service Indicator) - Students who have a registration hold may not be waitlisted.
  • Requisites - Students who have not completed the required requisites for the course may not be waitlisted.
  • Time Conflict – Students enrolled in a class at the same time the waitlist course is offered may not waitlist into the course.
  • Exceeding Units - Students will not be enrolled in a waitlisted class if the enrollment would cause them to exceed the maximum units allowed.
  • 9 Units Maximum - Student may waitlist up to nine units at a time depending on full/part-time payment status.

What classes may I waitlist?

Most undegraduate classes will have waitlists (see limitations above). Contact the department offering the course if you are not offered the waitlist option and believe you should.

When may I add myself to a waitlist?

Once a class is full, a student may add their name to a waitlist beginning on their appointment date up to the day before the beginning of the term.

What happens after the waitlist period?

Waitlists will be disabled at 11:59 pm the day before classes begin for the term. Students remaining on the waitlist after this period will not be enrolled through the waitlist process. At this point, instructors will determine who is added to the class.

I am a part-time student, may I waitlist?

All appropriate fees must be paid before enrollment from waitlist can occur. If appropriate fees are not current, the student will remain on the waitlist, but no enrollment transaction can take place. Part-time students who want to go into full-time status must pay full-time fees beforehand.

Do waitlisted courses count towards enrollment?

Waitlist courses are not counted as enrolled courses and will not be counted towards financial aid or enrollment verification status.

What if I decide to not enroll in a course that I waitlisted?

Students are responsible for dropping themselves from the waitlist. If a student is enrolled through a waitlist and does not attend the course, a grade of WU will be given which is the same grade point penalty as a grade of F.

How do I drop from a waitlist?

You can drop from a wait list through the Student Center just as you would drop from any other class.

How do I check the status of my waitlist position?

You can check your waitlist position in the class schedule section of the Student Center. Waitlist position numbers begin with the number one using the "first come, first served" concept. The lower the number, the closer you are to being enrolled.

Can students not on a waitlist take a seat?

If seats become available, the open seats will not be available to students that are not on the waitlist. Students may add directly if there are seats available and nobody else is on the waitlist.

How do I know if I am enrolled through the waitlist process?

You should check your class schedule daily. If you become enrolled through a waitlist, an e-mail will be sent to your Cal State L.A. e-mail address. Note that you have the responsibility to ensure that your enrollment is correct and classes are dropped and added by the published deadlines.

Is there a guarantee that I will be enrolled if I get placed on a waitlist?

There is no guarantee you will be enrolled from a waitlist. Remember, it is first come, first served.

May I enroll and waitlist in different sections of the same course?

Yes, you may waitlist for different sections of the same class. If you are already enrolled in one section of a class, but prefer another section you may choose to swap the enrolled section for the waitlisted section. You will only be dropped once successfully enrolled from the wait list. You cannot waitlist for or swap into classes that have a Related Class in common, such as labs that share a common lecture.

How do I know when new sections are added for a course I've waitlisted?

Academic departments are encouraged to notify waitlisted students via e-mail when new sections are added. Students are encouraged to monitor their enrollment and periodically check to see if new sections have been added. It is the student's responsibility to access GET and swap the waitlisted section for a new open section.

Faculty Questions

Who determines which courses are waitlisted?

All undergraduate classes must offer an unlimited waitlist (999) for the fall 2015 term. Excluded from this directive are sections with corequisites or requiring department/instructor consent.

When may student use the waitlist?

The waitlist becomes available to students when enrollment numbers for the class have reached full capacity. The waitlist will continue to be available to students until the day before the term starts.

Which courses may not use a waitlist?

A waitlist may not be used with a course that has a co-requisite or that requires department/instructor consent.

Can a multiple-component course use a waitlist?

Yes, a waitlist must be setup for all sections of a multi-component course.

Can crosslisted courses use a waitlist?

Yes, a waitlist must be setup at the course level as well as the Combined Sections Table page, which requires a request to be submitted to the Scheduling Office.

How are students selected for enrollment from a waitlist?

The waitlist process uses a "first come, first served" concept, meaning that those earliest in line have a lower waitlist position number. Those in the front of the line will automatically be enrolled when a space opens as long as they meet the enrollment requirement/requisites. The next person in line will move up to position 1.

What happens when enrollment capacity is increased on a section with a wailist?

Students on the waitlist will have priority in filling the space first.

How do student enroll in new sections added due to high demand?

Academic departments are encouraged to notify via e-mail students on waitlists that new sections of the same course have been added. It is the student's responsibility to access GET and enroll in the new section.