The Provost's Message - November 23, 2016

The Provost's Message

Provost Lynn Mahoney

During this time of Thanksgiving, I am reminded of how my views around this holiday have been shaped through the years. As a graduate student in U.S. history, my view of  Thanksgiving was informed by the complex, and often tragic, history of colonial North America and the United States. As a parent with young children, it was further affected by the simplistic celebrations that occur in schoolrooms across the U.S. every November. More recently, though, the relentless marketing of the holiday shopping season and world events have made the need for a period of reflection and gratitude increasingly clear to me. This year, in particular, as tragedy seems to envelop the globe, the need to give thanks seems even more acute.

As I pause for a moment, I want to express my gratitude to all of you. I am honored to serve as your provost. December 1 marks my 10 month anniversary at Cal State LA. The time has flown—we are a busy and thriving university. Much of what is consuming our time will in the long-run be very beneficial to our students. Your efforts across campus to better meet our students' course needs and to develop a richer, engaged student culture will enable more of our students to achieve their goals of earning degrees. Search committees are hard at work recruiting new tenure-track faculty who will strengthen the core of our academic programs and build opportunities for innovative teaching and research. The Academic Senate's initiatives aimed at strengthening shared governance and the committee structures that ensure it also require a significant investment of time. And, while much of the work has already been accomplished, semester conversion continues to absorb our attention. Cal State LA accomplishes all of this and more while ensuring the successful day-to-day work of  the university. 

On behalf of current and future students and community members whose lives are enriched by your work, thank you for all you do to make Cal State LA a vital part of Los Angeles. Wishing all a restful and rich holiday weekend!