The Provost's Message - April 13, 2016

The Provost's Message - Title

April 13, 2016
Provost Lynn Mahoney

As all know, thanks to the hard work of the California Faculty Association (CFA) and the CSU, Cal State LA will not experience a disruption in instruction this quarter as a result of a collective bargaining agreement that recognizes the value of our faculty to our students and the state. CSU faculty taught over 475,000 students in Fall 2015, providing quality instruction and avenues of upward mobility to many of California’s first-generation and low-income students. Close to 200,000 of these students were from historically underrepresented student groups, including more than 20,000 Black students and 175,000 Latino/a students. In addition, the CSU served more than 75,000 Asian and Asian American students—making the CSU one of the most diverse higher education systems in the US. The value of our service to the state of California and to the nation cannot be overestimated.

Most importantly, Cal State LA’s success with students has never been greater. In the last five years, graduation rates have improved dramatically for all students. Our rate for freshmen increased over nine points to 45.5%, with sizeable gains for both African American students and Latino/a students. The news is even better for our transfer students with almost 71% earning their degrees within four years, an increase of almost thirteen points, again with impressive gains for African American and Latino/a students. Our success with graduate students similarly increased with 38% earning their master degrees within two years and almost 66% within four years. Our rate of improvement during this time period places us in the top-third of most improved within the CSU. Cal State LA is a model for access and attainment. I look forward to continue working collaboratively with faculty, staff, administrators, and students to ensure even greater success for students.


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I am very happy and excited to share the excellent news that our colleague Dr. Cheryl Koos was selected to participate in the American Council on Education (ACE) Fellows Program for 2016-17. She will join 32 additional emerging college and university leaders in the longest running development program in the United States. Cheryl Koos has been a valued member of the faculty at Cal State LA since 1999 and is currently serving in her ninth year as a department chair. She has an outstanding record of teaching, service and scholarship. It is wonderful to see Cheryl’s accomplishments and potential as a leader recognized by participation in such a selective program.

Read more about Dr. Cheryl Koos and the ACE Fellows Program

Strategic Plan Update

Blue Beyond Consulting and Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee

After hosting more than 20 strategic planning workshops over the past two months, and collecting valuable feedback and insights from hundreds of faculty, staff, students, and alumni, we are excited to share that we are now moving into the next phase of the strategic planning process. With your help, a number of themes and priorities have begun to emerge that will guide the Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee as it begins to create the recommended first draft the strategic plan. I encourage you to visit the strategic planning website and learn more about our progress and the emerging themes we've identified.

Beginning in May, we will be hosting a number "town hall" meetings which will provide the entire university community the opportunity to review the recommended first draft of the plan and provide input and feedback. Be on the lookout for your invitation to these town hall sessions - we highly encourage you to participate in this round of the process. I want to thank all of you, our faculty and staff, for your commitment to and involvement in the strategic planning process so far. It is only with your engagement and support that we will align around a shared vision of our future and implement a strategic plan that charts our course for a sustainable future.


From the Office of Undergraduate Studies

Margaret Garcia, Ph.D., Associate Dean of  Undergraduate Studies  

Thank you to Dr. Joseph Otto (CBE), Dr. Scott Wells (NSS) and Dr. Rene Vellanoweth (NSS) for being one of the first department chairs to use the Transfer Evaluation System (TES®).

Division Chairs, College Associate Deans and staff have TES® access as Evaluation Trackers, allowing them to approve or deny course articulation requests from California community colleges as well as colleges and universities throughout the country.

If you’d like more information on how the Transfer Evaluation System works please contact Cheryl Pugh or Enrique Galaz in the Office of Undergraduate Studies at 323-343-3830.



University Reports


Office of Communication and Public Affairs


The latest edition of University Reports is now available online. The web publication showcases professional activities and publications, as well as the awards received by our faculty and staff. Submit your information to Public Affairs for inclusion in the next issue.



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