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Welcome to PRESTIGE

California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) and East Los Angeles College (ELAC) are offering a unique opportunity for eligible students, the PRESTIGE learning community, in Spring, 2013!

The PRESTIGE cohort program is a joint program between CSULA and ELAC, and will be open to students from each campus who will be guaranteed enrollment in two or three GE classes Spring. 

Coursework will focus on issues related to the environment, specifically those that concern Los Angeles and the surrounding communities.  The coursework is designed to allow you to complete your general education requirements in an engaging, meaningful, and integrated fashion.   

Key elements of the PRESTIGE program (cohorting of students; thematic linkages between courses; connections to community; common readings) have been shown to increase student success in college, which is why they are part of the program. You will also benefit from free supplemental workshops and activities designed for PRESTIGE students.

PRogress and Engage Scholastically Through Integrated General Education


Funding for this pilot project is provided by 'Give Students a Compass' and The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation.