Prestige Benefits

If you are part of the PRESTIGE cohort, you will....

Be enrolled

  • in two or three GE classes - guaranteed!


  • required courses with a new twist - all in the context of the environment, and all with the same students!


  • About the environment, our effect on it, and how it affects us
  • To effectively question what you see and read in the media


  • With students that have similar interests
  • With dedicated professors
  • With your community


Studies show student participants in learning communities
  • Stay in school
  • Earn better grades
  • Transfer and Graduate more quickly


  • Skills that increase your competetiveness for jobs; critical thinking, problem solving, communication
  • Experience working in groups
  • Benefit from supplemental workshops designed for PRESTIGE students
  • Insight into the connections between disciplines

PRogress and Engage Scholastically Through Integrated General Education