Campus Emergency Plan

The Campus Emergency Plan is designed to provide information to emergency response personnel and is basically an administrative guide outlining action steps for those offices and departments contributing essential services in emergency situations. The plan is directed toward flexibility, as the time and extent of a disaster is unpredictable. Each campus department is responsible for formulating and maintaining its own standard operating procedures in support of this plan.

Documents and Checklists
Campus Emergency Plan
Active Shooter
Active Shooter (Dispatch)
Building Administrator's Emergency Checklist
Campus Multi hazard Emergency Plan
Emergency Operations Executive Checklist
EOC Director Checklist
Finance Checklist
Influenza Pandemic Business Continuity Plan
Logistics Checklist
Operations Checklist
Personal Planning Emergency Workbook
Plans Checklist
President's Checklist
Public Information Officer's Checklist
Safety Officer Checklist
Situation Report
Students with Disabilities


Plans and Forms
Business Continuity Plan
Business Continuity Goal and Objective Worksheets
Business Requirements
Functions & Assets
Public Safety Business Continuity Plan
University Business Continuity Plan

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