Summer Session

BIG NEWS!! Additional Pell Grant Awards Available for Eligible Students

Have you heard? Beginning Summer 2018, you may be eligible for an additional Pell Grant award in Summer Session. Please read the information under the Financial Aid tab on this page or click here. To learn more about your specific eligibility and to receive help with your Summer Session 2018 financial planning, contact: Center for Student Financial Aid | 323-343-6260.

Class schedules will be published on GET on March 5!  |  Registration begins March 19!

Visit an Information Table. See the schedule here.

Check below to see classes being offered!

May 29 - August 11 | 10-Week (10W) Session

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May 29 - July 3 | First 5 (FW1) Session

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July 5 - August 8 | Second 5 (FW2) Session

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Why Attend Summer Session?
  • Choose from 10 Week (10W), First 5 week (5W1), or Second 5 week (5W2) sessions
  • Finish a full course and have time for summer fun, other activities or relaxing
  • Complete a requirement and accelerate your progress toward graduation
  • Compressed schedules, focused classes
  • Smaller classes mean more individual instruction
  • $320 per unit and NO STUDENT FEES