Legal Interpretation and Translation Certificate


Court interpreters provide accurate interpretation and translation for witnesses and parties in courtrooms and other legal proceedings where legal terminology is used, and knowledge of legal procedures and processes is essential. The Legal Interpretation and Translation Certificate Program teaches students to interpret consecutively, as well as simultaneously, and to "sight translate" legal, business and medical documents. The instruction covers a variety of court and administrative procedures and practices.

While this Legal Interpretation and Translation Certificate Program can train students to take county, state, and even federal examinations that certify the competency of interpreters and translators for employment in non-legal contexts, the program focus is on the special knowledge and training needed to work as a court interpreter and meet the standards of the Judicial Council of California. The final course consists of intensive preparation and mock exams simulating the written and oral examinations given at the state and federal levels for certification as an interpreter for the courts.

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Register for Court Interpreter Exam

Prospective students must successfully pass a screening test of Spanish and English (monolingual and bilingual knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, word usage and reading comprehension. According to the Judicial Council of California, "Although there are no minimum requirements that must be met in order to take the state certification exam, candidates are encouraged to complete formal, college-level course work and training in both languages and all three modes of interpreting before applying for the examination." A pass in the screening test qualifies you to register for the first class TRAN7911. During that first quarter (not before it) you can complete a formal admission process by submitting an application form and either: official college transcripts indicating 54 quarter (36 semester) units of coursework; or two letters of recommendation indicating practical bilingual experience in the workplace.

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