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Course Descriptions

ACCT 500: Financial and Managerial Accounting
This course explores the accounting model, financial statement analysis, cost control and behavior, pricing, budgeting, and system design.

CIS 500: Information Systems for Management
Hardware, systems software, applications software, and telecommunication components and architecture of operational and management-oriented information systems. Cases in managing the acquisition and use of custom-developed packaged systems.

ECON 500: MBA Economics
This courses deals with market structure, demand analysis, consumer behavior, nature of the firm, measurement of economic activity, inflation, unemployment, money and banking, and the role of the government.

ECON 501: Quantitative Methods for Decision-Making
The course explores quantitative and statistical methods of business management. Topics include descriptive statistics, data analysis, statistical inference, forecasting, inventory, linear regression, and optimization models.

FIN 500: Business Finance and Law
This course discusses legal and financial theories and applications pertaining to business management. Topics include forms of business, business law, capital markets, analysis of financial statements, securities law, bankruptcy, and reorganization.

MGMT 500: Management
This course covers the planning, organizing, leading, and coordinating of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals and manage operations. It also examines techniques for improving business decisions, communications quality, business responsibilities, and ethics.

MKT 500: Marketing Principles and Concepts
This course focuses on understanding the influence of the environment, the consumer, and the organization on the research, planning, development, implementation, and control of marketing management plans and strategies.