How To Register

When should I register?
As stated above, go to the first class and get the instructor's signature. Then go to the department to get their approval stamp and take your registration form to the cashier's office if you are paying by cash or check. Credit Card payments MUST be made at the CESIP Welcome Center in University Student Union, Room 105. During the first three weeks of the quarter, you may register without a late fee. During the fourth week, a $25.00 late applies. No registration is allowed after the fourth week of the quarter.

1. How do I audit Open University courses?
Obtain approval in the CESIP Welcome Center, University Student Union, Room 105, before paying fees. Regular attendance is expected, but auditors are not required to complete assignments or take examinations.

2. How do I take a traditional graded course for credit/non credit?
Fill out the "Request for Nontraditional Grading" form at the Welcome Center, University Student Union, Room 105. Next, get approval from the Office of Enrollment Services at Administration 146. Then pay your fees at the Cashier's Office at Administration 128. Class attendance and participation in exams are required.

Registration Steps
Print out a copy of the Open University Registration Form and list the courses you want.
Go to the first class and get your instructor's signature and the department's approval stamp.
Visit the College of Extended Studies and International Programs(CESIP) in Welcome Center, University Student Union, Room 105, to register and make payment.

Note: Academic departments close at noon on Fridays. Do not plan to enroll in Open University on Friday afternoons.