President's Committee on Disability

The President’s Advisory Committee on Services for Students with Disabilities will aid the University in complying with CSU, state and federal recommendations and regulations relating to students. The Committee also will make recommendations designed to improve conditions for students with disabilities. The Committee shall serve as an advisory committee to the President and the Director of the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)

The Committee will review existing University policies and practices as necessary to determine whether these policies and practices comply with CSU, state and federal recommendations, laws, regulations, and codes. The Committee will forward reports and/or recommendations to the President and the Director of the OSD for review and consideration. The Committee will review new policies and practices to determine their impact on students with disabilities. The policies and practices which fall within the scope of the Committee’s charge will include those affecting academic and non-academic programs, units and services, inclusive of physical plants construction, operations and renovation.

The membership of the Committee shall be:

  • The Advisory Committee shall be comprised of thirteen members, six (6) shall be appointed by the President and shall include (2) faculty, (1) staff member, and (3) administrators. Faculty shall be nominated by the Academic Senate. The remaining seven (7) members shall be students nominated by California State University, Los Angeles’ Associated Students, Inc (ASI). At least two students shall represent the ASI board with the remaining representatives, to the extent possible, to be students with disabilities.
  • The student representatives appointed to the Committee must meet all the qualifications required of students in accordance with coded memorandum AAES 93-08, Minimum Academic Qualifications for Students Office Holders.
  • Student representatives and candidates for membership shall not be on either academic nor on disciplinary probation, or they will be ineligible and/or automatically disqualified from serving.
  • The Chair of the Committee shall be the Director of Students with Disabilities Office.
  • Student members shall serve one-year terms commencing within 30 days of the start of the Fall Quarter and shall be eligible to serve not more than two (2) consecutive one-year terms. Faculty and staff members shall serve two year-terms and shall not be eligible to serve more than two (2) consecutive two year-terms.
  • The Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Human Resource Management will serve as ex-officio members, without vote, on the Committee.


Gonzalo Centeno, Chair
Director, Office for Students with Disabilities; (323) 343-3140

Dr. Nancy Wada-McKee, Ex-Officio
Vice President for Student Life, Office of the Division of Student Life; (323) 343-3100

Jennifer Miller, Ex-Officio
Dean of Students, Office of the Dean of Students; (323) 343-3103

Susie Varela, Ex-Officio
Associate Vice President, Human Resources Management; (323) 343-3691

Rozanna Pebdani, Faculty Representative
Faculty, Divion of Special Education and Counseling, CCOE; (323) 343-4418

Frances Siu, Faculty Representative
Faculty, Division of Special Education and Counseling, CCOE; (323) 343-4428

Rebecca Palmer
Director, Housing Services; (323) 343-4804

Michael Rodriguez
Assistant Director, Facilities Services; (323) 343-5972

Warren Jacobs
Associate Vice President, Facilities Planning and Construction; (323) 343-5785

Mariel Mulet
Director, Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, HRM; (323) 343-3694

Phillip LaPolt
Associate Vice President, Research & Academic Personnel; (323) 343-3810

Alex Harwood
Director, IT Client Support Services, ITS; (323) 343-2573

George Ramirez, Student Representative
Office for Students with Disabilities; (323) 343-3140

David Rios, Student Representative
Office for Students with Disabilities; (323) 343-3140