Diversability Short Film Festival

2017 Ability Awareness Week Short Film Festival

*Open to all Cal State LA students*


Participants must register and submit link to the film by Wednesday, October 25th using the form below. Published films must be available on YouTube by Wednesday October 25th in preparation of the outdoor screening on Friday October 27th at the OSD office on campus. Submissions without a link to a film on YouTube will not be considered.

Participants can also submit entries to bricke@calstatela.edu


Diversability is a term that describes the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the overall discussion of diversity and aims to ensure that all individuals are an active and necessary part of an overall community.

Create a short 3-6 minute film that explores what Diversability means on the Cal State L.A. campus. Feel free to discuss how disability interacts with other aspects of diversity, how disability is viewed in the community, and/or how individuals with disabilities should be included in all aspects of the community and how the campus community benefits from these interactions.


  1. Films can either be narrative (fiction) or documentary (non-fiction), but must be between 3 - 6 minutes in length.
  2. Films must be original and not include any copywritten material and must follow YouTube's Terms of Service. (Don't use a song you'd hear on the radio).
  3. We will not accept films with violence, explicit language, or inappropriate content and the film must comply with YouTube's Community Guidelines.
  4. Films will be viewed ahead of time to ensure that they are acceptable for public screening at the October 27th event.
  5. Films will be judged by a panel of 3 judges on their originality, adherence to the prompt, advocacy for individuals with disabilities, and technical merit. Although, we are looking for films that reflect the theme, please keep in mind this contest is to showcase your creativity therefor judges decisions are final.
  6. All information collected, will solely be used for purpose of this contest.
  7. YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest.


A 1st and 2nd place prize will be awarded to the films selected by the panel, along with participation awards. 1st place prize will consist of a $50 gift card to the University Bookstore. 2nd place prize will consist of a $25 gift card to the University Bookstore. Participation awards include OSD gift bags.

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