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Philosophers do not exist in a vacuum. A lone philosopher meditating in a cave rarely gets very far. Philosophy only truly thrives amidst discussion. New ideas need to be checked with reality, and there is no one better at giving a person a healthy dose of reality (with, perhaps, a dash of much-needed humility) than a philosopher. Of course, there is also the fact that philosophy is just fun to talk about. This is the very reason Verdad exists - to facilitate discussion amongst as diverse a group of philosophers as possible. Towards this end, Verdad has means of communication. They are:

Submitted Papers

The most obvious form of communication in Verdad proceeds via the papers that make up the journal. In these papers, the ideas of the students of CalStateLA are presented for the world to see. Verdad encourages all philosophers, whether they are neophytes or veterans, to submit their work for their peers to read and learn from.

Letters to the Editor

Verdad's Letters to the Editor section provides a forum for comments on the papers which make up the rest of the journal. If anyone has comments, questions, troubles or concerns about any paper, they can send them to the  Features Editor. Also, if anyone has recently read other articles or books that they found interesting, Verdad gladly accepts reviews

The Verdad Discussion List

This list is designed as an informal online community. Because of the nature of CalStateLA, the members of the Philosophy Department have very hectic schedules - it is often very hard to meet with any good-sized group outside of class (though, we are trying - every Thursday everyone in the Philosophy Department is invited to a 3:15 get-together). Moreover, the undergraduate and graduate students do not get to interact very much. So, Verdad is proud to be an online host for our philosophical community. In this friendly atmosphere, both  undergraduates and graduates can discuss their favorite philosophers & philosophies. Also, the discussion list provides a forum where those who need help understanding the content of their classes or are struggling with an assignment can ask for help, and those who are able to help have a forum in which they can get some experience teaching. Once you subscribe, you can begin to post whatever thoughts or questions you have.

The Verdad Forums

If you do not want to have your mail-box full of messages from the Verdad Discussion List, you can always post in our Forums.


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