Theory of Knowledge


Section Editor's Thoughts:

Back in fall of 2002 Vahé asked me to edit the epistemology section of the new online journal of philosophy at Cal State L.A.  In my first announcement asking for submissions to the journal, I offered to give the position away to anyone else in the class who wanted it because the editorial position is arbitrary.  The purpose of the Verdad journal is to present work that is happening at the graduate and undergraduate level at Cal State L.A. and not to present some super academically sophisticated journal full of rock star philosophers saying all kinds of rock star philosophical things.  My section for example, is a random sampling of both graduate and undergraduates in philosophy with non-philosophy students as well.  All of the students represented sat in on the same lectures by Professor Jennifer Faust.  From their standpoints, this is what seemed most interesting.  These papers were turned in as finals for the quarterÂ’s coursework in a Theory of Knowledge class and for the most part I left them alone.  I wanted my section to remain raw in this sense so that there could be responses to the papers and the authors themselves can make alterations rather than some arbitrary editor.  This may be my downfall as editor but after reading through the papers a couple of times there were some that did not need an editor and there were also some mistakes that I found to be interesting even if they were unintended.  I hope these papers are accessible and interesting.  I also hope that the work in my section and others show what life is like in the philosophy realm at Cal State L.A. James Singer, Fall 2002

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