Philosopphy of Self


Section Editor's Thoughts:

While personal pronouns and philosophical notions of ‘personÂ’ have existed since antiquity (at least), the philosophical notion of self does not emerge until modernity. In the Fall 2002 class on the history of the philosophy of self we traced the dawn of this new philosophical concept. How can any notion be more obvious than the existence of self? Once we begin to focus on a definition of self and examine it spacio-temporally, the concept falls apart. 

The entries for this section are varied, and I think appropriately so. Whereas most classes (whether they be philosophy or not) bring unity to ambiguous notions, the history of philosophy of self class made us reconsider our most intimate intuition of self. Under scrutiny, the elusive self remains, well, elusive, and articulating the notion becomes very difficult. Vah

é Shirikjian, Fall 2002

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