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There is an open letter to George Bush that sums up my feelings very well. It can be found with all kinds of other nifty things at www.michaelmoore.com. Also please take the pledge against brand america at www.adbusters.org.  If you want something to be done about the state of the nation, do something - no matter how small.  Even if you just tell your co-workers or that person standing next to you how you feel. James Singer, March 26, 2003.

Let not delude ourselves here friends. This is not a war about democracy, or for the people of Iraq or for some greater cause of ending a level of suffering or any of that flowery [b.s.]. This is a war about oil and power. It's another expression of American arrogance and muscle flexing, those of us who have lived it in the flesh (at least in some way) acknowledge this.

The excuse of democracy is just that, an excuse. This seems to be an imposition of a western ideal on a part of the world that does not even agree with some of the foundational principles for that form of government. Example: It is not as individualistic a culture as we tend to be, democracy would seem to require individuals. (Indeed, this was recently acknowledged by the LA Times as one of the reasons why the "Domino theory" in the middle east would not work.)

Secondly, who the Hell gives us the right to police the whole world as WE see fit? We tout democracy as the basic trademark of the US, but we ourselves are unwilling to abide by it. That is, instead of abiding by a decision that was made democratically in the UN, we act like spoiled children and do as we wish anyway. Democracy? Please...

So ummm... this should spark something (debate, outrage, agreement, hate of Maritza...). But let me also say about the protesting and the political action. Some of us are not able to "get off our asses and do something" because we weren't on our asses to begin with. It is very hard to find the time to do things like protest and convince people of your position when you are already working yourself blue. So let us not forget that most of those who protest have some leisure to do so, let us not look down on those of us who don't. And yes, I do realize that it is because I am in the US that I can make comments such as these, but that does not answer the questions that these comments raise. Maritza Marquina, March 27, 2003.


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