Structures, Pointing, And Control Engineering Laboratory




  • The positions of the panels provided a baseline for the truss design. The design was then optimized to provide maximum rigidity with minimum mass. Optimization variables included; position of the node-balls and diameter and wall thickness of the truss elements.

  • MSC/NASTRAN optimization module was used to optimize for maximum rigidity, minimum mass subject to accuracy requirement of < 40 microns RMS distortion of reflector nodes due to gravity sag.
  • Made of stainless steel thin-walled tubing, 0.75 inches in diameter and 0.095 inches in wall thickness. Especially designed adjustable fittings and machined aluminum spherical node balls
    connect the truss elements.
  • Consists of 60 struts and 21 nodes. The entire telescope is supported by three flexured bipods which attach the test bed to the isolation platform.