Space Center Student Council






Mission Statement

The primary goals of the Student Council are: (1)  to promote student research, and (2) to assist with the dissemination of the research results to the general public.  This adheres to NASA's objectives of promoting education by performing research in the fields of aeronautics and space exploration. Endeavors in the Council aim to provide a channel for open communication among students and faculty thus allowing for a more open and conducive research environment.


Council Members

Controls Team Lead: Jessica Alvarenga


UAV Team Lead: Maria Luviano


Digital Team Lead: Aleks Milshteyn


Testing and Validation Team Lead: Long Ly

Combustion Team Lead: Sara Esparza


Combustion Team Representative: Alonzo Perez


Digital Team Representative: Adrienne Lam


Controls Team Representative: Allison Bretaña


Testing &Validation Team Representative: Nhan Doan

UAV Team Representative: Juan Pablo Barquero


Hypersonic Re-entry Representative: Alfie Gil


Hypersonic Re-entry  Representative: Shing Chi Chan