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Digital Computation and Communication

     The proposed URC will include a digital computing Research Area to consolidate parallel signal processing, digital data communication, and an astronomical information library, among other essential features. The research in this area will focus on the study and design of a computing platform for multidisciplinary applications using the current facility available at the SPACE laboratory. These research areas involve state-of-the-art technologies and have drawn a lot of attention from the digital computing community [103-108].

     This project proposes to build an advanced multi-purpose parallel platform to serve as a high-performance, user-friendly, portable, and flexible testbed. This platform should be dedicated to a variety of applications relevant to the NGSP such as real-time processing and compression of astronomical images, content-based image query in an Aero-Science database, remote adaptive control, etc. The establishment of such a platform will bring great benefits to both astronomical research and public education in aerospace science. This Research Area will focus on the following tasks and technologies.