Structures, Pointing, And Control Engineering Laboratory








To enrich the quality and experience of academic research for all students. To establish a bridge between student researchers, engineering students at California State University, Los Angeles, and faculty.

Council Members


Alex Khoshafian (

The president is responsible for presiding over all student council meetings. In addition, the President will maintain the professionalism of the Laboratories by sustaining a relationship within the research body to ensure all members perform their required duties.


Salvador Fallorina (

The vice president will assist the president with his or her duties to maintain the professionalism of the Laboratories. In the event that the president is unavailable to accomplish his duties, the vice president will assume responsibility.

Public Relations:

Yeva Komandyan (

Public relations officers will develop, maintain, and promote positive image of the research laboratories. They will also be responsible for preserving the integrity and professionalism of the Laboratories.


Shenel Colman (

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining detailed records and supplies for the Laboratories. The Secretary is also responsible for the development of all Laboratories multimedia. In addition the secretary will follow up with the publications of all the members of the Council.

Internal affairs:

Abhishek Pujari (

Internet Relations officers will be responsible for all E-mail notifications. They will update and keep current with the laboratories websites.


Adam Alkhatib (

Webmaster officer will update website as needed.

SERENADES Representative

Jenny Martinez (