Structures, Pointing, And Control Engineering Laboratory






Analytical and Experimental Studies of Nonlinear Structural Characteristics of Space Structures

This research activity will leverage the major investment made by NASA in the SPACE laboratory at CSULA. The segmented telescope structure located in the SPACE laboratory (described in other sections of this proposal) will be used as a testbed to perform analytical and experimental studies of nonlinear characteristics of space structures. The team will develop reduced-order nonlinear models of the "jointed" components in order to obtain high-fidelity models suitable for use in the monitoring and control of complex aerospace systems with passive as well as adaptive members.


EPI = Strong motion accelerometers

SG = Conventional strain gages

FOSG = Fiberoptic strain gages

AE = Acoustic emmissions sensors

LFD = Laser-based floor displacement sensors

Figure 2.8.2: Instrumentation for the Long Beach Public Safety Building