Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff
Kazem Alamdari PH.D.,University of Illinois-Urbana Social change; political sociology; development
Janicemarie Allard PH.D.,University of California, Los Angeles Social theory; research methods; deviance; sex roles; medical
Bernard Berk PH.D.,University of Michigan Criminology; corrections; deviant behavior
Margaret Campbell MA,Lehigh University Family; social/formals organization
Edward Clarke PH.D.,University of Southern California Criminology; marriage and the family
William Darrough PH.D.,University of British Columbia Crime and delinquency; social control; community corrections
Timothy Diamond PH.D.,Ohio State University Medical; gerontology; aging; gender
Helen Dosik PH.D.,University of Southern California Medical sociology; aging
Susan Friedman PH.D.,University of California, Riverside Medical sociology; aging/social gerontology; sex and gender
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Norman Friedman PH.D.,University of Missouri Mass media; occupations and professions; racial and ethnic relations
Steven Gordon PH.D.,University of California, Los Angeles Social psychology; socialization; sociology of emotions
Terry Kandal PH.D.,University of California, Berkeley Social theory; social change; sociology of knowledge
Delos Kelly PH.D.,University of Oregon Deviance; delinquency; criminology; education; methods
Charles Leinenweber PH.D.,University of California, Berkeley Criminology/delinquency; race/ethnic/minority relations; stratification/mobility/inequality
Janet Lever PH.D.,Yale University Applied/evaluation research; sex and gender; qualitative methodology
David Miyahara PH.D.,Stanford University Asian American Studies; sociology of education; social psychology
Eleni Pitsiou-Darrough PH.D.,Iowa State University Human development and aging; social psychology; marriage and family; research methods
Janice Smithers PH.D.,University of California, Los Angeles Aging/social gerontology; medical sociology
Jon Snodgrass PH.D.,University of Pennsylvania Human development; small group dynamics; child and adult psychotherapy; social organization
Ronald Tsukashima PH.D.,University of California, Los Angeles Minority relations; research methods; urban social change
Nivedita Vaidya MA,University of California, Davis Demography; sex and gender; urban sociology
William Wasson PH.D.,Iowa State University Social change; statistics; community
Yehudi Webster PH.D.,Warwick University Theory/social thought; race/ethnic relations
Linda Yellin Ed.D., Columbia University Sex roles; juvenile delinquency; education
Eui-Young Yu PH.D.,University of Pennsylvania Statistics; demography; research methods; Asian-American sociology
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