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SAE initiated its members for the Gamma Sigma Pledge Class.


SAE Fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen in Pasadena


SAE will be attending Relay For Life on May 17, 2008 For more information click on the Fundraiser Link.



Jose F. Murillo

Jose Francisco Murillo according to my Los Angeles County birth certificate, Jose at school, Frank at work, and "Murillo" to friends. I attended the infamous Theodore Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights but have pride from where I hail from. I played football there and had my fair share of the cheerleading squad, but my main focus was to attend a univerisity of my choice. I was granted the admission but lost the opportunity with a poor grade my very last quarter. From there, I took from what I thought my last resort (CSULA), and put forth little effort in everything I did from the beginning. It wasn't until I joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon and lived at the house and saw there was more expected of me. It was then that raised my GPA and took advantage of an amazing job offer. I'm an Operations Management major and when you ask me what I plan to do with that, I will give the usual answer every college sophomore would, "Make $$$". I believe it's not so much the degree, but just having one would open doors for you. You can have a major an Ancient French Poetry and nail some good jobs...well, maybe not...Poetry sucks! I'm trying to go quadralingual within some years. (English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian). From time to time, I open up a few books I have and start up online programs. Learning new languages, lifestyles and cultures just amazest the hell out of me. I love watching for CSPAN 4 hours straight and CNN is usually on most of the time. Current events are extremely important considering one day we would become nothing...and I wouldn't want to look a complete moron outside a Starbucks conversation. I wish I can be like Carlos Garcia, our mystery brother, but I just can't find the time for it. Hah. I work for the Network for a Healthy California. I promote any new breakthroughs of nutrition research, agriculture, and distribute the information out to the public. I attend many staff meetings and advisory board meetings to be up-to-date in what our campaign is looking like a few months down the line. This year I'll be traveling throughout the State of California and meeting up with other field representatives and community health leaders and stay at awesome hotels my company pays for. yeaaah! (Peter Griffin voice) Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the only Fraternity for me and should be for everyone. Being the largest and one of the oldest in the nation was just enough to have me join. The networking is like no other and we literally and figuratively, are the best at everything. I love all my Brothers and respect each and one of them for who they are...Sig Alph's.



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