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SAE initiated its members for the Gamma Sigma Pledge Class.


SAE Fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen in Pasadena


SAE will be attending Relay For Life on May 17, 2008 For more information click on the Fundraiser Link.

Eminent Archon

  Adolfo R. Escobedo

Hello! Welcome to my page. Because you have clicked on this link, I should let you know a few things about myself. Although known around the Cal Mu caps circuit as the "Power House," my real name is Adolfo Raphael Escobedo. I hail from the beautiful land of Guatemala, home of the best coffee in the world. I have lived in three different countries and have interacted with many kinds of people. I believe this explains my eclectic interests in life and why you won't be able to figure me out, even if you try. While, I'd like to think of myself as an open-minded person, I do not tolerate persons who purposely lie about their "individuality" and accomplishments in order to draw attention to themselves. I believe that your behavior should speak for you; after all, the most effective type of communication is not verbal. So if you are empty inside, you should probably enrich your personality by reading a book and experiencing new things! My favorite activities are spending time with my girlfriend Amber, watching college and professional football and basketball, hiking the outdoors, playing hoops, watching good cinema, playing caps, and reading the old classics.

I am currently working towards two bachelor degrees at Cal State L.A., one in history and the other in mathematics. My studies have been facilitated by the fact that I am a President's Scholar at the school. But don't get me wrong, I have some of the worst study habits you will ever encounter. Although I have controlled some of my bad habits as of late, I used to sleep through almost all of my classes and cram for finals by shunning sleep for multiple nights at a time. I guess you can say I am sponsored by Red Bull. I hope that my efforts at L.A. State will allow me to attend a distinguished law school in the coming years. However, I am still undecided about which type of law I would like to study. I am in no rush to decide now since I still have one year left to graduate.

I joined the fraternity in Spring, 2006. Since then, my school pride has greatly increased and I have gotten the opportunity to meet great, successful people. My big bro is Omar Chaudhry, a revolutionary thinker of his generation, and my only pledge bro is Vini Ubillus, a man whose histrionics have become a new art form. In the fashion of my heritage, my family at SAE is growing. I have two little bros, Jose Murillo and Kevin Enrile, who are both confident young men whom I admire and respect. I am the Eminent Treasurer for Cal Mu. This is why people with outstanding debts sometimes cannot stand the sight of me. However, when it comes to collections, I am more like the pre-fame Rocky (I won't break your thumbs over a couple of bucks). I enjoy having this position because it requires a great amount of responsibility and accountability. Our house is also growing. No matter what time of the year it is, we are looking for great people to become a part of our brotherhood. So if you meet these qualifications, come check us out!


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