We have a problem: Psychology is splintering - more than 50 branches now. Psychology means knowledge of the mind (logos psyche). Since you canÂ’t study the mind directly psychology turns into a philosophy to study it indirectly by constructing models (theories) of the mind and testing these models.  This is why psychology is filled with so many theories: because thatÂ’s what itÂ’s built on. The game of psychology is to build theories and test them.

In radical/fundamental behaviorism, there is no mind, there is behavior.

It is time for people to look at life from a different perspective. Follow the links to the right to stimulate your brain and see how things look differently through the eyes of science.


Conceptual Behavior Analysis

Conceptions of Causality

Concept of the Reflex

Reflex Physiology - a Precursor to Behaviorism


Parallel Sciences


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