Officer Voting

Brittany Ayala


Hello, my name is Brittany Ayala and I am running for Psi Chi President. In running for president my goal is to use all of my experiences in psychological research and my other affiliations (Educational Opportunity Program, ΑΦΩ, The National Society of Leadership and Service, & the MORE Program) to promote efficiency, provide resources, and build a stronger community here at this Psi Chi CSULA chapter. As President I also plan on fully collaborating with my team of board members to create workshops focused on enhancing the skills needed to pursue a psychological career, to create opportunities for our members to network (i.e. volunteer, internships, etc.) and to find research lab opportunities at our school. Thank you for reading and I hope to receive your vote!


Jose Alvarado

Vice President

Hello everyone, my name is Jose Alvarado, but the Psi-Chi officers also know me as Junior. I'm a transfer from East Los Angeles College. Graduated with AA's in History, Administration of Justice, and Psychology. I have been involved with Psi-Chi since last Fall. I attended every meeting I could make, assisted with the fundraisers, and gotten to know more of the officers here. The position I would like to run for would be Vice President. I have experience being a President for another club for a national organization, but I would rather run as a Vice President to experience something new. I have faith that the next President will do a great job, and I will lend my full support to them as VP.



Alexis Hernandez


I aspire to take on the position of secretary in the Cal State LA Psi-Chi Honor Society. If I am granted this position I plan to operate efficiently and meticulously at all times throughout my board membership. It would be an honor for me to be able to help Psi-Chi grow and continue down the path of success by ensuring myself that during my time of board membership I distribute proper knowledge with all members and non-members. I look forward to helping fulfill all future goals of this chapter. It would be a pleasure for me to be able to contribute to change for the better by helping our president and vice-president reach out to more resources and bring them to your attention. I would like to offer opportunities and serve as a bridge of communication among all members and colleagues that provide information of interest that will develop a path to success for everyone. Receiving personal petitions, suggestions, and opinions from all members to communicate to our president is an option I am willing to receive. I hope to be able to make this following year much more fun and interesting for all of you. I aspire to develop my skills and become a better resource as I become more familiar with the position. As I gain more knowledge feel free approach during any time. I look forward to being friends with everyone!


Mac-Jay Loresto


I am running for the position of treasurer. I believe I am suited for this position because I am responsible and organized with money. I am also a very detail-oriented person. The position of treasurer is a role of great prestige and I will treat it as such. I promise to perform the duties of treasurer to the best of my abilities. I also promise to be active in any future Psi Chi events and meetings. Thank you for your consideration!



Diana Torres

Program Coordinator: for Fall 2019

I am certain that becoming more involved with Cal State La’s Psi Chi Chapter will be a great experience. This National Honor Society for outstanding Psychology major and minors provides student many resources for academic and professional development. If elected as an officer, I will strive for the success of our chapter. I will do my part by bring my enthusiasm, teamwork skill, and good work ethic to ensure that the mission of Psi Chi is continued at our school. As a student, my willingness to learn and to accomplish my work to the best of my ability has been recognized. I have been awarded with Dean’s List and have received invitations to join two other National Honors Societies. I hope you will consider me for this officer position in our Psi Chi Chapter.