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In 1951, Lloyd Antle, an Ohio University graduate and professor of marketing in
the Alanta Division of the University of Georgia, conceived the idea that the
sales profession should have a professional fraternity of its own. After all, he
reasoned accountants had a fraternity, the general business majors had a
fraternity, why not a fraternity for sales and marketing?
Mr. Antle spoke to two other professors- Dr. William H. Harris and Dr. Henry
Baker- who agreed that in the ensuing years sales and marketing would become
a vital force in the econmy. The three man, Lloyd Antle, Dr. William H. Harris
and Dr. Henry Baker, approached Mr. Lweis F. Gordon for his ideas. In addition
to being a dnamic marketing executive, Mr Gordon had helped to found the Sales
and Marketing Executive Association of Atlanta and was a natural to help design
the first collegiate fraternity in marketin, sales management and selling.
All four man were members of SME Atlanta. They approached other members,
gained their support and worked diligently to develop plans. After an entire year
of planning, with all involved contributing considerable time, effort and finances,
the foundation of this new organization was laid. With input rom students,
professionals and our founders, five esential aspects of Pi Sigma Epsilon were
developed: The Statement of Purpose, Constitution and Bylaws, Creed, Key
and Ritual of Initiation.
The Greek letters of Pi Sigma Epsilon were not chosen at random; they
represent members of Sales Executives and Prodessional Sales Executives.
The fraternity was incorporated under the Georgia Laws of Incorporation on
5/14/1952, and our first chapter, Alhpa, was installed at the the University of
Georgia. The PSE chapter at CSULA is called PHI chapter and was chartered in
1961 and sponsored by Sales and Marketing Association of Los Angeles.
For the first 23 years of existence, Pi Sigma Epsilon was an all male
organization. With the emergence of the Equal Rights Movement, consideration
was given to admitting women into membership and discussion ensued at each
National Covention. Finally, nationwide cahpter research was conducted which
revealed that there was strong suppot to admit women into PSE membership.
In 1974 the National Constitution was amended to include women in the
fraternity. Today, PSE's membership, leadership and staff all include women
who have played key roles and made major contributions to the growth, health
and progress of this organization.
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