About the Precollegiate Academic Development (PAD) Program

Precollegiate Academic Development (PAD) Program
California State University, Los Angeles


The Precollegiate Academic Development (PAD) Program is designed to assist middle school and high school students in acquiring the necessary skills and abilities to succeed in institutions of higher education. We empower students through the development of mathematical competencies, reading comprehension, and writing skills using trained Cal State L.A. student tutors. The PAD Program provides tutoring services to over 2500 students throughout the Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Alhambra school districts.

Participation guidelines

Selection criteria is intended to be flexible enough to fit the differing needs of participating schools, as well as to ensure compliance with the PAD objectives and the CSU Chancellor's Office guidelines.

Participation criteria

Student participants should be middle achievers according to grade point average and available standardized test scores. Our middle school program focusses on seventh graders or returning eighth grade participants. The high school program, supported by our sister organization known as the Collaborative Academic Preparation Initiative (CAPI), targets middle achievers of any year. Due to budgetary constraints, we are only able to provide tutoring to a select number of schools.

Tutoring Models

Tutoring in English and math will be provided in a group setting. The student/tutor ratio will be limited to a maximum of 5:1, in modules of 30-50 minutes per tutoring session, approximately two to five times per week. The tutoring times vary per school and are dependent on faculty placement. It is important to note that PAD tutors are not teachers' assistants (T/A's). It is not appropriate for our tutors to grade or correct papers for the instructor or to take student work home for this purpose. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please click here.


The purpose of this agreement is to establish a good working relationship between the Precollegiate Academic Development (PAD) Program at Cal State L.A., and participating schools. The intent of this agreement is to delineate the basic standards and practices that will ensure the success of the students, tutors, and program's goals.

Program Commitment

The Precollegiate Academic Development (PAD) Program is commited to:

  • Providing instructional tutoring for students in math and English.
  • Providing qualified and trained English and math tutors.
  • Designing a comprehensive and tailored training program that meets the needs of participating middle schools.
  • Providing university student role models for motivational discussions.
  • Conducting writing workshops for students.
  • Providing field trips to Cal State L.A. and other educational sites.
  • Providing parent workshops.
  • Providing school student coordinators.

School Commitment

In order to assure the maximum success of the program, participating schools will need to:

  • Demonstrate support to program activities from the school administration.
  • Provide an orientation for tutors assigned to their school.
  • Designate a site coordinator to work with the tutors and maintain regular communication with program personnel.
  • Select math and English teachers who are willing to work with the program.
  • Make a commitment of approximately 10 hours per semester on the part of the site coordinator and participating teachers.
  • Follow the guidelines of the program's tutoring model.


Precollegiate Academic Development (PAD) Program
Student Health Center, Room 210
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Telephone: (323) 343-5897
Fax: (323) 343-6038

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