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This section of our website is dedicated the review of martial arts videos.  Click on a link below to hop to the section you want to read.  Click "BACK" to get back to this menu.

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The review process that we use is both simple as well as complex.  There is the brief review, for those who do not wish to spend long hours in front of a computer screen reading long reviews, when one can be out practicing or actually viewing the videos you just bought. First we have "The Stats." "The Stats" are the brief version of the review. It presents the minimal information regarding the video.  Following "The Stats" is "The Core".  "The Core" is were we give detailed information about the video and our view of good, bad, or ugly. Click here for the Review Sheet

"The Stats"

These include the company the publishes the tape, the main presenter, number of techniques presented, duration of tape, quality of sound, video, and graphics.  The stats will also include the rating for the video, which is between 1 and 10 (1 being lowest).

"The Core"

Here you may read the comments that we have made in regards to the video.  A rating of the techniques shown.  How true is the video to the sale description and as well as any other thing that we feel are vital to the influence of the decision of the purchase of this video.

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