American Nippon-Kempo Handout

American-Nippon Kempo Federation


I come to you in the spirit of humility and respect,
I have no weapons.
Should I be forced to defend myself,
my principles, my honor,
should it be a matter of life or death,
right or wrong,
then here are my weapons --- KEMPO,


One shall speak the truth, keep a promise, remain faithful



1.    Shin
2.    Shin
3.    Ki   
4.    Riki
5.    Gi    
6.    Jutsu
7.    Do  
8.    Ho  

(English and Japanese)


Shihan / Shihan Dai

Teacher   Sensei
Gym   Dojo
Bow   Rei
Standing Bow   Ritsu Rei
Present   Oss
Attention   Yoi
Begin   Hajime
Stop   Yame
Point   Ippon
Stance   Kamae (dachi)
Attention Stance   Musubi Dachi
Ready Stance   Fudo Dachi
Middle Stance   Shudan no Kamae
Side Stance   Shiko no Kamae
Back Stance   Kekutsu Dachi
Cat Stance   Nekoashi Dachi
Horse Stance   Kiba Dachi
Punch   Tsuki
Block   Uke
Kick   Geri
Front Kick   Tsuki Geri (mae geri)
Back Kick   Ushiro Geri
Side Kick   Yoko Geri
Roundhouse Kick   Mawashi Geri
Crescent Kick   Mikaxuki Geri
Ball of Foot Kick   Koshi Geri
Knee Kick   Hiza Geri
Stomp   Fumi Geri
Sparring   Kumite
Fighting Spirit (breathing exercise)   Zamchin

Some Japanese Words and Phrases

Ohaiyogozaimasu Good morning
Konichiwa Good afternoon or "Hello"
Konbanwa Good evening
Oyasumi nasai Good night
Arigato Thank You
Gambate There is no direct translation for this expression.  It basically means: "You can do it" or "hold on - you'll make it."
Otsugarasama There is no direct translation for this expression either.  We usually say this at the end of class.  It means: "Job well done" or " made it through" or "You did it."

Counting 1 -20

One Ichi Eleven Juichi
Two Ni Twleve Juni


San Thirteen Jusan
Four Shi Fourteen Jushi
Five Go Fifteen Jugo
Six Roku Sixteen Juroku
Seven Shichi Seventeen Jushichi
Eight Hachi Eighteen Juhachi
Nine Ku Nineteen Juku
Ten Ju Twenty Niju

Kempo Combinations

Combination #1 punch 1, punch 2, front kick
Combination #2 shuffle in front kick, punch 1, punch 2
Combination #3 punch 1, punch 2, roundhouse
Combination #4f shuffle in roundhouse, punch 1, punch 2
Combination #5 punch 1, punch 2, roundhouse, roundhouse
Combination #6 punch 1, punch 2, side attack
Combination #7 shuffle in side kick, punch 1, punch 2
Combination #8 punch 1, punch 2, side kick, side kick
Combination #9 reverse spin kick
Combination #10 step through punch, spin kick

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