Course Outline: KIN 101-T: Judo

KIN 101-S:  JUJITSU - Beginning



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Josef Alayra

Physical Education Bldg. Room #233    Phone:  (323) 343-4650  Email:


Physical Education Bldg. Room #213, MW 9:00am - 9:50am or TR 6:10 - 7:00pm

Development of skill, knowledge, and analysis of techniques of Jujitsu at the beginning level.


At the completion of the course students will demonstrate the skill and/or knowledge of:
  • Ground pinning and restraining techniques
  • Theory and application of basic strangulation techniques
  • Theory and application of various throwing techniques
  • General and specific warm-ups skills
  • Build-up of basic judo related fitness requirements (and reduced risk of injury), e.g., a variety of pull-ups, flexibility exercises, push-ups, rope climb, sit-ups, as well as, repeated practice drill elements for the build-up of muscular strength and endurance
  • Application of learned skill in a competitive and self-defense situation
  • Proper skill progression for basic and advance skills

Note: This class is designed to foster a positive appreciation and enjoyment of the spirit of Judo, regardless of the skill level of the student.

Course Format and Required Materials:
At the start of each session there will be a lecture demonstration proceeded by a general and a specific warm-up. Proper attire for Jujitsu includes a judo or jujitsu gi, but is not necessary. Sweat pants and a thick T-shirt or sweatshirt is recommended. It is possible to make a class purchase of judogis in order to get the lowest price.

Caveat* Changes in the class will be made at the discretion of the instructor if needed.


 60% Class Attendance & Participation
20% Skills Evaluation
20% Final Activity Participation

Final Date: MW class: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 @ 8:00 am or Tuesday, March 18, 2003 @ 7:30 pm

*This course outline is tentative and subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Any changes will announced/explained in class. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of any changes announced in class. 

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