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  • Intramural Sports:

                    Men's Flag football (1-0) final score 12-2

                    Women's Soccer (0-1) final score 2-3

                        Great Work Guys and Gals!!!

  •  Every Tuesday,  we are meeting for Bible talk  on campus at  3:30p.m.  at the grass area of King   Hall.


  • For Midweek (a.k.a.  our General meeting), we will be in the Maxwell Theater, 2nd floor of the Student Union, from 7:30-9pm. Remember,  $75 for the retreat is due Oct 22nd.

  • Thursday night intramural sports with women's indoor soccer , and men's flag football. Be sure to come out and support the family. Check Schedule below for game DATES  AND TIMES!!



Schedule For Intramurals

10/16/03                          Flag Football  (C.S.U.L.A. Football Field)           Indoor Soccer (C.S.U.L.A. Gym)

                                            9pm-L.A. Church of Christ Men (12) Vs. SN (2)   9pm-L.A. Church of Christ Women (2) Vs DPS (3)

10/23/03                          9pm-L.A. Church of Christ Men Vs. SAE               L.A. Church of Christ Women  (No Game)   

10/30/03                         8pm-L.A. Church of Christ Men Vs PSK               9pm-L.A. Church of Christ Women Vs AT

    Come support us!!!!