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Golden Key Int'l Honour Society
CSULA Chapter


  • Golden Key distributes more than a million dollars in scholarships and awards annually.
  • Members have access to valuable graduate school, job and internship opportunities.
  • Study abroad scholarships are available for members to experience living and learning immersed in a different culture.
  • Members of the international academic community serve as Golden Key advisors, members of the Board of Directors and partners, offering a unique perspective to Society membership.


  • Leadership positions and experiences are available at the chapter, regional, national and international levels.
  • Members can study and enrich leadership skills through campus and conference training and through GK's online portal.
  • Golden Key strives to connect members globally through its social networking channels
    – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Wordpress.
  • Membership in Golden Key is for a lifetime. Once a student joins they can participate in Regional and International Summits, as well as network within the member base at
    chapter and alumni events and receptions.


  • Globally, more than 180,000 hours of service is performed annually by Society members.
  • Members strive to have a positive impact in local communities surrounding their chapter and the Society at large.
  • The Society mobilizes members to take part in such activities as Global Youth Service Day and Make a Difference Day.
  • Golden Key offers awards and scholarships designated for individuals and chapters that display outstanding commitment to service.

Society History

ounded in 1977, Golden
Key International Honour
Society is the world's
premier academic honor
society that exists to unlock
and enliven excellence within its members.

Undergraduates in the top 15% of their class
and top performing graduate students in all
academic disciplines are invited to become
members of the society.

Membership in Golden Key is a coveted
distinction that places students and alumni
within a lifetime network of world leaders,
Rhodes Scholars, authors, corporate
executives, Olympians, dignitaries and
other highly successful individuals. These
associations provide unmatched access to
personal education, career enhancement and
unique service opportunities.

Golden Key strives to uphold standards
of excellence on-campus and beyond.
Elevated by its three pillars – academics,
leadership and service – Golden Key sets
the standard for achievement in these areas.
Combining integrity and collaboration
in all that it does, Golden Key supports its
members' drive to learn, lead and help others.

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