Internship Oportunities

Electrical and Computer Engineering

California State University Los Angeles

Electrical and Computer Engineering programs will prepare you for the next step in your career development.

The department has established a very successful internship program with local industries. Since 1998, we have been able to send approximately 78 of our EE students to: Hughes Space and Communications, TRW, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Boeing Satellite Systems, Boeing Space and Communications, and Northrop Grumman Space Technology. Most of our summer interns have been employed by the corresponding aerospace companies and now play the role of industry mentors to our new EE interns. Starting summer 2006, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering formalized its internship program by adding a course to EE curriculum so the college interns will enroll in the course and gain unit credit “toward completion of BS (or MS) degree in EE”. Student interns are required to submit the following: abstract, progress report, and an official acknowledgment letter from their mentor in regard of the completion of the assigned task.

The internship program provides an intensive 10-week apprenticeship experience to our EE students. The program aims to establish individual working relationships between students and industry mentors to strengthen national efforts to recruit and retain students from engineering fields. Mentoring establishes a foundation for future career development opportunities for the engineering students. As a result of summer internship, our EE students will learn how to conduct meaningful research, how to interact with a diverse group of professionals, and how to develop communication and leadership skills.

Student-Faculty Interactions

One shining point in CSULA teaching/learning environment is the high levels of student/faculty interaction. In Electrical Engineering, faculty members are devoting a lot of time and efforts in student advising and counseling, university service activities, and in interactions with industry employers of our EE graduates.  This is demonstrated by the range of activities in these areas that are listed by the faculty in their curricula vitae.
Our students have ample opportunities to interact with the full-time ECE faculty in the classroom or laboratory because few classes are taught by part-time instructors and most classes are small.  In addition, since every professor in ECE Department also serves as an academic advisor, he/she works with students on an individual basis to solve their problems in learning, to help them in their difficulty in academic life, to help them in planning their future career, etc. 

Besides general advising, many faculty members supervise students in Senior Design Projects, in Undergraduate Independent Study where students learn new technology beyond the course curriculum, and in research activities. Due to the grants received by ECE faculty, a number of research laboratories have been established and a number of undergraduate students are participating in the research projects under the guidance of faculty members.