Wednesday, July 28, 2004

1st meeting called to order at 5:05pm, Simpson Tower Rm. 912


I.                    Agenda – President reports:

      Two possible guest speakers are Dr. Winnick and Sammy Sidicky.


II.                 Raul Velasquez is nominated, seconded and approved to be the vice president of the organization.


III.               Plan on Fall Schedule

                  -set up calendar of events

                  -fill out tax ID


IV.              Discuss HBS type National Org. meeting




Wednesday, August 5, 2004

2nd Meeting at 5:15pm, Simpson Tower, Rm. 902


I.                    Report on how to promote the organization. There are three approaches;

                  - Creative presentation to classroom. The target is to the upper division classes.

                  - Create a banner or a flag and brochure hand out by the walk way.

                  - Set up recruitment table to promote.


II.         Report on finance

                  - The primary expenses are for room rental, food, speaker function, and field trips.


III.                   Plan on events and activities.

                  - All the brochures and websites with require modification are planned to finish no later than the end of September.

                  - The recruitment procedure is planned to be on the 2nd week of the Fall quarter. Also the officers and executives meeting will be held within the same week.

                  - The general meeting will be held at the 3rd week. The meeting will mainly on welcoming new and exist members.

                  - Dr. Winnick will be invited to be the first speaker which it will be held at the 4th week of the quarter.

                  - The 5th week is the week of election as well as nomination.

                  - All the vote will be proceed on the 7th week.

                  - The last general meeting is on the 8th week.