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Science Outreach and STEM Careers, Perspectives from Procter & Gamble


Dr. Rafael Ortiz, PhD


Global R&D Section & Intellectual Property Manager

Procter & Gamble



January 26, 2017 


In addition to talking about life at Procter & Gamble and careers in industry, Dr. Ortiz emphasized his personal outreach experiences while in the Cincinnati area through SACNAS and ACS, something he is very passionate about. He shared his personal story as a Cal State LA alumni that includes the influence of heroes such as Jaime Escalantes, an outstanding educator. Outreach is a social and economic imperative: Underrepresented communities within our inner cities are in most need of successful expert scientists and leaders who want to give back. The scientific community can give these young men and women one more path to a better life. Minority scientists especially, can share their knowledge with younger students and inspire them to pursue careers in STEM. Our country also benefits from these personal efforts as there is much technological innovation to be carried out. We must ensure that all groups, especially minorities, have opportunities to contribute to this effort.

Biography: Dr. Rafael Ortiz is a Cal State LA Alumni who obtained a PhD at UCLA followed by a postdoc at Caltech. He is currently Global R&D Section & Intellectual Property Manager at Procter & Gamble.

He is an interdisciplinary R&D leader with project management experience in Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company. This includes a track record in R&D, technical innovation, global project management, establishing and managing interdisciplinary collaborations, personnel management and mentorship. He is a dynamic leader and team-builder that leads by example, through mentorship, mutual trust and benefit, positive reinforcement, and shared goals. He has extensive experience managing projects end-to-end, including upstream Front-End Innovation (FEI) and technical readiness qualification of technologies and products. He is also an experienced Intellectual Property Manager with extensive knowledge in portfolio assessments, patentability, oppositions, freedom to practice and assessing sustainable competitive advantage versus competitors. Finally, he has extensive knowledge of Household Care product technologies, development and intellectual property management.

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