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Step 5: generation status
thats it! now we're ready to generate your form. if
you encounter any errors, please make sure that you
provided the correct database information (if any),
and please maintain that everything is case
sensitive. also remember to give read+write
permissions to the forms directory (located under
the phpformgen directory). thank you.

$form_process .="

Thank you!

$form_process .="


$form_process .="

$form_process .="\nheader(\"Refresh: 0;url=http://".$redirect."\");\n?>";

$form_process .="";

$out = fopen("forms/process.php","w");

copy_dirs("forms", "use/".$form_name);
//echo "Couldn't copy form!";

//$thank_page =
echo "

All Done!";
echo "

The form and the processor were created and placed in the ";
echo "'forms' directory under the phpformgen's directory. You can reach it";
echo " by clicking here. An administration ";
echo "portal was also created for managing your form records. It can be ";
echo "reached by clicking here.";

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