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Welcome to the CSULA SAE Scream'N Eagles homepage! 

PAZ NAZ October 10, 2004

Our Mission

Our main mission is to prepare the CSULA SAE Scream'N Eagles Electric Porsche 914 for racing at Irwindale Speedway's Thursday Night Thunder.  The purpose of this mission is to create awareness of the capabilities of California State University, Los Angeles' students in the community. 

Secondary goals include using the vehicle for university publicity and recruiting.  In particular, the team has expressed desire to enter the vehicle into other events such as the charity Cruisin' For A Cure and possibly the Los Angeles International Auto Show (pending Southern California SAE approval).   

Project Goals:

The Electric Porsche 914 was donated to CSULA SAE in 1999 by a former student in a non-running condition.  From these humble beginnings, the vehicle was restored by university students and SAE members into a unique sophisticated electric vehicle. 

Currently, the final goal for the Scream'N Eagles Electric Porsche is to participate in Irwindale Speedway's Thursday Night Thunder Competition, against other high performance vehicles.  Along with this competition, the team also has put forth the objective of raising awareness and generating publicity for our program and sponsors.




The Scream 'N Eagle Electric Porsche team would like to offer special thanks to the Irwindale Speedway staff for their hospitality and supporting us in the attendance of the Thursday Night Thunder Drag Races.  We would especially like to thank Alex Sotelo- Technical Advisor and Bob Klein- Director of Operations for their special attention and genuine effort.

For more information on the Irwindale Speedway please visit:

24 Hour information Hotline (626) 305-1562 or visit