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&main_txt1=Who We Are &main_txt2= As a student organization, we seeks to provide engineering students with an environment where they can interact with other students, while expanding their knowledge in different engineering application. ASME purpose is to help improve the student’s technical and communication skills. By doing so, we believe that ASME will rise both professional and prosperous men and women engineers. &main_txt3=Our Activities &main_txt4=General Meetings &main_txt5=Human Powered Vehicle Competition &main_txt6=We usually hold one meeting every other week starting the 2nd week of each quarter. There are usually 4 meetings within 1 quarter. We discuss about future events and fund raisers. &main_txt7=In the HPVC, students work in teams to design and build efficient, highly engineered vehicles for everyday use—from commuting to work, to carrying goods to market. &main_txt8= &main_txt9= &main_txt10= &company_txt1=The Board &company_txt2=There are a total of 11 board members of CSULA ASME. There are a total of 5 executive members: the President, Internal and External Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. There are more positions, if you are interested please contact us. &company_txt3= Board Positions &company_txt4=President- The President oversees all the other officers, plans and presides over General and Board Meetings, responsible for being in contact with National, Regional, and Local chapters and the Mechanical Engineering Department.
Internal Vice President - Represents the chapter in case of Presidential absence, the liaison between Cal State LA and organization. Responsible for ensuring proper procedures for events on campus grounds are being met. Plan and schedule General and Board Meetings in timely manner. As well as submit copy of any ASME presentations to secretary for distribution of information.
External Vice President - Represents the organization in case of presidential absence. Work with president as liaison to local chapters and companies for guest speakers, sponsorship, conferences, and etc. &company_txt5=read more &company_txt6=Our Leader &company_txt7=Alex Cabrera
describtion &company_txt8=Dr. Trinh Pham
describtion &services_txt1=ASME Benefits &services_txt2=Here are forms and links to help you develop your college and professional careers. &services_txt3= Membership Application
ECST Events
Financial Ad Forms &services_txt4= ASME Scholarships
Financial Aid for ASME Members
Employment at ASME &services_txt5=ASME Opportunities &services_txt6=Morbi nunc odio &services_txt7= Sed laoreet aliquam &services_txt8= Praesent vestibu lum molestie lacus. Aenean nonummy hendrerit mauris. Phasellus porta. Fusce suscipit varius mi. Cum sociis natoque penatibus. &services_txt9= Quisque nulla. Vestibulum libero nisl, porta vel, scelerisque eget, malesuada at, neque. Vivamus eget nibh. Etiam cursus leo vel metus. Nulla facilisi. &services_txt10= ASME Links &services_txt11= ASME National Website
ASME Conference &services_txt12= ASME National Membership
ASME Human Powered Vehicle Competition &solutions_txt1=Links &solutions_txt2= College of ECST &solutions_txt3= California State University LA &solutions_txt4= &solutions_txt5= &solutions_txt6= &solutions_txt7= Recent Solutions &solutions_txt8= Duis ac turpis integer rutrum &solutions_txt9= Quisque nulla. Vestibulum libero &solutions_txt10= Nulla dui. Fusce feugiat malesuada odio. Morbi nunc odio, gravida at, cursus nec, luctus a, lorem. Maecenas tristique orci ac sem. &solutions_txt11= Maecenas tristique orci ac sem. Duis ultricies pharetra magna. Donec accumsan malesuada orci. Donec sit amet eros. Lorem ipsum dolor sit. &contacts_txt1=Mailing Address &contacts_txt2=
Cal State LA-ASME
5151 State University Drive,
Los Angeles, CA 91733

&contacts_txt3=Contact Form &contacts_txt4=If you have any questions, please email us. &contacts_txt5=your name: &contacts_txt6=your company: &contacts_txt7=telephone: &contacts_txt8=e-mail: &contacts_txt9=message: Currently Disabled! &contacts_txt10=Our Departments &contacts_txt11=President

E-mail: &contacts_txt12=Faculty Advisor

Membership Coordinator

&contacts_txt13=reset &contacts_txt14=send &pop_up_title1=Company-read more &pop_up_txt1=Secretary - Must keep track of minutes during meetings and must distribute minutes by no later than two days following the meeting date. Distribute any presentations to the board and must store any important paperwork in a binder for record keeping.
Membership Coordinator - Keep a complete record all members names, contact information, and membership status and recruit new members, have applications on hand, and turn membership fee over to Treasurer.
Webmaster - Manage and enhance any media pertaining to ASME CSULA and post on the website.
Freshman Representative - Be active mediator between ASME and the freshmen, recruit new members, and find creative ways to introduce freshman class to organization. &pop_up_title2= Error! &pop_up_txt2= Glitch! &pop_up_title3=Glitch! &pop_up_txt3= Wrong! &pop_up_title4=Wrong! &pop_up_txt4= BUZZZ!! &pop_up_title5=BUZZZ!! &pop_up_txt5= Error! &pop_up_title6=Privacy Policy &pop_up_txt6=Pellentesque sed dolor. Aliquam congue fermentum nisl. Mauris accumsan nulla vel diam. Sed in lacus ut enim adipiscing aliquet. Nulla venenatis. In pede mi, aliquet sit amet, euismod in,auctor ut, ligula. Aliquam dapibus tincidunt metus. Praesent justo dolor, lobortis quis, lobortis dignissim, pulvinar ac, lorem. Vestibulum sed ante. Donec sagittis euismod purus.Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam,eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore.

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