Initiation Ceremony 2003

  Initiation Ceremony 2003
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On Friday, May 2, 2003, 24 new members were initiated into Alpha Kappa Delta.  These initiates included:

Dawn Michele Anaya
Matthew Anaya
Joseph Chang
Janie Chien
Alan D. De La Vara
Allison De Vera
Marc Antonio Fonseca
Brian Gillespie
Raymond Granados
Esmeralda Hernandez
Exinia Lavarreda
Roberto Marquez
Lisette Miranda
Tiffany Mitchell
Annebelle Nery
Laura Perez
Gretchen Peterson
Elsa Ramos
Marcie Rubin
Sarah Smith
Marisa Valdez
Azatui Voskanyan
Nancy G. Worsham
Francisco A. Zelaya, Jr.

The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Maurice Zeitlin from UCLA.  A number of faculty members from the sociology department attended the ceremony and pinned the new initiates.  These faculty members included William Darrough, Terry Kandal, Ruzanna Karmiryan, Delos Kelly, Charles Leinenwebber, Gretchen Peterson, Eleni Pitsou-Darrough, Tieting Su, and K. William Wasson.