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Nagasaki and Hiroshima Illuminate the Criminal Nature of Government
By Weed Boctor, 8-3-1998

     Nuclear weapons are government's gift to humanity. Fifty-three years ago, the U.S. government nuked babies and other innocent persons.
     In Children of the Atomic Bomb: An American Physician's Memoir of Nagasaki, Hiroshima and the Marshall Islands, James N. Yamazaki, with Louis B. Fleming, describes the bombing's effects on pregnant women and children.
     He wrote, "Fusa was six months pregnant when the bomb detonated, and her home in Takao-machi collapsed. She was 1,600 yards from the hypocenter. She felt violent movement of the baby within her, then no movement. Nothing."
     He also wrote about the effects of the bombing on children.
     He wrote, "A nurse escorted a young mother and her five year old son. With one glance, I knew I was seeing for the first time the terrible effect that an atomic bomb can have on the unborn. I concealed my feelings and proceeded with a routine pediatric examination....I confirmed the reduced head size. His erratic and uncontrolled behavior was evidence that mental retardation was also present."
     Yamazaki also includes the story of Fujio Tsujimoto, five years old at the time of the bombing, he was at Yamazato Elementary School. When the alarm was sounded, he rushed into a shelter.
     According to Fujio's account, "My brother and sisters were late in coming into the shelter; so they were burnt and crying." He goes on to say that his mother and sister died the following day, and then his brother died.
     The Rogue Theory of Terrorism
     Ever since government created these weapons, innocent people have lived in danger of another terrorist attack. Some claim the nuclear danger we face comes from rogue governments only. We can call this theory, "The Rogue Theory of Terrorism."
     We can test this theory against the empirical evidence. The only available empirical evidence of terrorists nuking cities are the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The U.S. government has claimed responsibility for the bombings.
     The Rogue Theory of Terrorism flies in the face of the facts of reality. To make the facts fit the theory, the Rogue Theorist would have to argue the U.S. government is a rogue government.
     Nagasaki and Hiroshima in perspective
     While these nuclear bombings are a serious hate crime, they pale in comparison with the Holocaust where the German government murdered over six million Jews.
     The bombings murdered less people that the U.N. government's embargo of Iraq which has murdered over a million people, including over 700,000 children, if the critics who oppose this holocaust are to be believed.
     However, the bombings murdered more people than the crimes of Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer or O.J. Simpson. These put in perspective the crime of government and its consequent harm to society.
     Can government be reconciled with justice?
     We can understand the nature of government by examining the empirical evidence. It shows government has murdered over 200 million people this century. The partisans of government have a long record of creating sophistic arguments in their morally repugnant attempt to justify their criminal institution.
     While acknowledging the crimes of government, some claim that government does good things. It put Yuri Gagarin into space, put Neil Armstrong on the moon and gave us the Volkswagen.
     But, how can that ever justify the murder of innocent people such as Fusa's baby?
     "I'm sorry my country bombed your country." -- a greeting card at an art show.
     Are the American people guilty of nuking babies? Those who blame the American people for the nuking of babies are committing the sheep/wolf fallacy. Most Americans aren't part of government, and are, of course, innocent of these crimes.
     Can we solve the problem of government?
     In the TV show, "Early Edition", the hero Gary Hobson receives "tomorrow's news today," and then goes around preventing some tragedy from happening.
     Knowing the nature of government we can rationally understand that the "Early Edition" of the twenty-first century says, "Government murders millions."
     Of course, unlike the TV show, no Gary Hobson exists in reality who will solve the problem of government in the nick of time. And, we do not know when or where or how or whose baby government will murder next.

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