Friends of Music

    All Cal State LA Friends of Music members and contributors to the newly endowed
"Esther Williams Music Scholarship" are cordially invited to our Spring 2007 Musicale

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Grand Ballroom / Golden Eagle Building / Cal State LA
Campus Map & Directions  (The Golden Eagle Building is #6 on the map)

Film legend Esther Williams will honor the Cal State LA
Friends of Music with her presence at the 2007 Spring Musicale and reception to be held Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 3:00pm, in the Grand Ballroom of the campusÂ’ Golden Eagle building. The event will feature performances by some of our most gifted musicians, to whom Friends of Music scholarships have been awarded.  All Friends of Music members and donors to the Esther Williams Scholarship are cordially invited to attend this very special event.  Ms. Williams will personally present the first Esther Williams Endowed Scholarship to this yearÂ’s chosen recipient.

About Esther Williams

The incomparable Esther Williams sang, danced, and swam her way into unprecedented stardom.  Performing her own daring aquatic stunts – from breathtaking heights to underwater depths – she became the first and only swimmer to star against the background of MGMÂ’s spectacular magical musicals.

She was a Los Angeles native, and swimming came as naturally to Esther Williams as the media attention
showered upon her as a teen-age national swimming champion. So good was she, in fact, that the sports world watched expectantly as she set her sights on Olympic Gold. Fame might have claimed her in that venue had the 1940 Olympic games not been cancelled when Hitler invaded Poland on the threshold of World
War II.

But, fame could not elude her. Young Esther was settling in as a department store sales clerk and model when she accepted the starring role in Billy RoseÂ’s Aquacade in San Francisco. Until then, “swimming fast” had been her forte. “Swimming pretty” in sync with music was required, along with daring acrobatic maneuvers. Hollywood noticed, and history was made in the world of movie musicals.  Dubbed the “woo woo” girl – a stunning bathing beauty with a sparkling smile – she proved to be so much more. She contributed to the war effort and was adored by the troops she  visited at camps and hospitals throughout the country. Her legacy lives on today in the women to whom she became a mentor and coach, as well as movie idol.

Unaided by camera tricks, her medal-earning championship skills are forever captured on the silver screen just as performed – with pageantry and perfection. Her effortless strokes cause fountains to spout curtains of brilliantly-colored water; underwater dances are skillfully-performed ballets; dives from perilous precipices are heart stopping.

California State University, Los AngelesÂ’
Friends of Music is proud to announce the endowment of the Esther Williams scholarship in tribute to the legendary star. Her love of music spans the spectrum from pop to classical. She is as much at home singing the award-winning “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” as when she shares her lifelong expertise as an opera devotee. She still reigns as America’s mermaid, inspiring youth to plumb the depths of their talents and soar to the heights of their dreams, just as she has done. Our enduring thanks to the inimitable Esther Williams!

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