IRB Regulations

If a research project involves human subjects, approval must be obtained from the California State University, Los Angeles Institutional Review Board-Human Subjects (IRB) prior to beginning the project. This applies to all kinds of projects, including biomedical, behavioral, survey, and educational projects, and it includes both funded and unfunded research projects by faculty, staff and students. The purpose of the review is to assess risk to and protect the rights of human research subjects, in accordance with federal regulations. For more detailed information about the IRB and its procedures, you may download the IRB Regulations, Procedures and Application Guidelines below.

Education and Training Requirement

All researchers, including all key personnel on grants, faculty advisers, campus sponsors, and on-site translators, must complete an education and training program on the protection of human research subjects. This requirement can be satisfied by completing the online tutorial available by clicking on the link below. Certification of completion must accompany each new application for IRB review. Certification is valid for three years.

Online Tutorial: The PHRP (Protecting Human Research Participants) tutorial is part of the NIH website, from their Office of Extramural Research. The NIH is the nation's medical research agency and is greatly involved in promoting significant scientific discoveries, while maintaining appropriate research guidelines. The tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on the appropriate procedures for anyone involved in research with human subjects. Along with these federally imposed guidelines, researchers must also abide by the regulations that the university itself provides.


  • Request for Convened (Full) Committee (more than minimal risk) applications should be submitted to ORAD at least 30 days prior to the IRB meeting (see the IRB Meeting Schedule).

  • Exempt and Expedited applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

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