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SponsorOpportunity Name

Full Proposal Deadline

(unless otherwise indicated)

AreaFunding Amount
Henry M. Jackson FoundationPublic Service Program GrantsTBDPublic ServiceTBD
W. M. Keck FoundationUndergraduate Education Program2016-8 Concept PaperScience, Engineering, Medical Research, Education$1,000,000
MJFF for Alzheimer's ResearchImproved Biomarkers and Clinical Outcome Measures ProgramTBDAlzheimer's ResearchTBD
Camille & Henry Dreyfus FoundationSenior Scientist Mentor Program2016-9-10Chemical Sciences$20,000
Camille & Henry Dreyfus FoundationJean Dreyfus Boissevain Lectureship for Undergraduate InstitutionsTBDChemical Sciences$18,500
Camille & Henry Dreyfus FoundationHenry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards ProgramTBDChemical Sciences$60,000
Simons FoundationSimons Early Career Investigator in Marine Microbial Ecology and Evolution Awards2016-10-26Marine Microbial Cology and Evoluation Awards$540,000

U.S. Istrael Agricultural Research and Development

Senior Research Fellowship Program2017-1-18Science$38,000
United States - Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development (BARD) FundResearch Programs2016-9-9U.S. Istrael Agricultural Research and Development$340,000
Haynes FoundationMajor Research GrantsTBDGrants to Social Science FacultyTBD
Spencer FoundationMidcareer Grant Program2016-9-10Education$150,000
Spencer FoundationLyle Spencer Research Awards: Advancing Understanding of Education Practice and Its Improvement

2016-7-9 Letter of Intent Anticipated

Getty FoundationGetty Scholar Grants2016-10-1Conservation Guest Sholars$65,000
Russell Sage FoundationVisiting Scholars Program2016-6-16Social Science Research$110,000
Whitehall FoundationResearch Grants2016-10-26Life Sciences$225,000
National Sleep FoundationRequest For Applications: Research Project - Systematic Literature Review2016-9-30Sleep$2,500
Dumbarton OaksFellowships2016-11-1Library$75,000
Kornfield FoundationPallitative care, bioethics, and ALSTBDPain ResearchTBD
Kurt Weill FoundationGrants2016-11-1MusicTBD
Lemelson FoundationFaculty Grants - Course and Program GrantsTBDInnovation and Entrepreneurship$50,000
Borchard Foundation Center on Law and AgainAcademic Research Grant Program2016-10-15Aging$20,000
United States - Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF)Start-up Research Grants2016-11-16Science$60,000

United States - Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF)

Regular Research Grants

Brady Education FoundationEducation Research and Program Evaluation Funding2016-12-15Education$300,000
National Operating Committee for Standards in Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE)Research GrantsTBDAthletic Equipment$250,000
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Foundation, Inc. (PhRMA Foundation)Pharmaceutics - Sabbatical Fellowships2016-9-1Pharmaceutical$40,000
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Foundation, Inc. (PhRMA Foundation)Pharmaceutics - Research Starter Grant2016-9-1Pharmaceutical$100,000
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Foundation, Inc. (PhRMA Foundation)Informatics - Sabbatical Fellowships2016-9-1Pharmaceutical$40,000
MacArthur Foundation, John D. and Catherine T.2015 Documentary Fund2016-9-1Documentary$200,000
United States-Japan Foundation (USJF)U.S.-Japan Policy StudiesTBDUS-Japan CommunicationsTBD
Rockefeller FoundationArts & Literary Arts Residency2016-12-1Residency to Advance Health, Ecosystems, Livelihoods, Transform CitiesTBD
Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, John SimonFellowships to Assist Research and Artistic Creation2016-9-18Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Creative ArtsTBD
Fats and Proteins Research Foundation (FPRF)Fats and Proteins ProjectsTBDFood Research$45,000
Templeton Foundation, JohnCore Funding AreasTBDScience, Individual Freedom, Character Virtues, GeneticsTBD
Barth Syndrome Foundation, Inc. (BSF)Research Grant Program2016-9-1 Letter of InquiryBarth Syndrome$100,000
Mott Foundation, Charles StewartGrantsContinuous ApplicationEnvironment, Pathways Out of Poverty, Exploratory and Special Projects$250,000
Christensen Fund (TCF)Grants2016-8-31Socioecological Concerns$100,000
Grant Foundation, William T.William T. Grant Distinguished Fellows ProgramTBDUse of Research Evidence in Policy and Practice$175,000
Carnegie Corporation of New York International ProgramHigher Education and Research in Africa (HERA)Continuous letter of InquiryPromoting Sustainable PeaceTBD
Sloan Foundation, Alfred PDigital Information Technology - Universal Access to KnowledgeContinuous letter of InquiryData and Computational ResearchTBD
Sloan Foundation, Alfred PDigital Information Technology - Universal Access to KnowledgeContinuous letter of InquiryUniversal Access to KnowledgeTBD
Sloan Foundation, Alfred PEconomic Performance and Quality of Life - Working LongerContinuous letter of InquiryEconomic Institutions, Behavior and PerformanceTBD
Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) FoundationBIRD Energy2016-6-30Energy Collaboration$1,000,000
Kellogg Foundation, W.K.Civic Engagement GrantsContinuous ApplicationCommunity & Civic EngagementTBD
Kellogg Foundation, W.K.Educated Kids GrantsContinuous ApplicationEducated KidsTBD
Mellon Foundation, Andrew W.Diversity InitiativesContinuous ApplicationPipeline in Higher EducationTBD
Mellon Foundation, Andrew W.Racial equityContinuous ApplicationRacial EquityTBD
Mellon Foundation, Andrew W.Scholarly Communications and Information TechnologyContinuous ApplicationScholarly CommunicationsTBD

Simons Foundation

Targeted Grants in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems

2016-9-30 Proposals Anticipated



Simons Foundation

Simons Fellows in Mathematics Program

2016-9-30 Proposals Anticipated


Simons Foundation

Simons Fellows in Theoretical Physics Program

2016-9-30 Proposals AnticipatedPhysics$125,000
Simons FoundationCollaboration Grants for MathematiciansTBDMathematics$35,000
Simons FoundationSimons Fellows in Theoretical Physics Program2016-9-30Physics$125,000
Fund for Astrophysical Research (FAR)Theodore Dunham, Jr. Grants for Research in Astronomy2016-10-6Physics$5,000
RGK FoundationGrantsContinuous ApplicationEducation, Community, and Medicine and HealthTBD
McCormick Foundation, Robert R.McCormick Foundation Journalism Program2016-8-1 Letter of InquiryJournalismTBD
Mazda FoundationGrants2016-7-1Education and LiteracyTBD
Stuart FoundationEducation SystemsContinuous letter of InquiryEducationTBD
Parsons Foundation, Ralph M.GrantsContinuous letter of InquirySocial Impact, Civic and Cultural Programs, Health and Higher Education$100,000
Delmas Foundation, Gladys KriebleGrants for Organizations in Support of Venetian Scholarship and Culture2016-12-15Humanities, Performing Arts, and Research Library programsTBD
Lumina Foundation for EducationLumina Foundation for EducationContinuous letter of InquiryEducation$250,000

California Table Grape Commission

Health Research Grants

2016-11-16 Letter of Intent Anticipated

Health Research



Google Research Awards: Faculty Research Awards


Cutting-edge Research in Computer Science, Engineering, and related Fields


Procter & Gamble Company (P&G)

Higher Education Grant Program


Social Responsibility


Choate, Hall and Stewart

Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship




Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Inc.

Educational Grants

Continuous Application

Scientific and Medical Education



Comcast Technology Research & Development Fund: Targeted Open Source Development Grants

Continuous Application

Tech Research and Development



Open Innovation

Continuous Submission/Entry



American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)

AFSP Annual Grant Cycle: Pilot Grants


Suicide Prevention


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)AFSP Annual Grant Cycle: Innovation Grants: Standard Research Grants2016-11-16Suicide Prevention$100,000
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)AFSP Annual Grant Cycle: Innovation Grants: Young Investigator Grants


Suicide Prevention$85,000
Grayson-Jockey Club Research FoundationResearch Grants2016-10-1Equine$71,000
Howard Foundation, George A. and ElizaHoward Fellowships2016-11-15Creative Arts: Writing$33,000
Eurasia FoundationUniversity Partnership Program (UPP) - Linkage FundingTBDU.S.-Russia Collaborations$41,000
Neilsen Foundation, Craig H.Neilsen Proof of Concept Grant Psychosocial Research GrantsTBDSpinal Cord Injury$300,000
Neilsen Foundation, Craig H.Nielsen Psychosocial Research GrantsTBDSpinal Cord Injury$100,000

Gates Foundation, Bill and Melinda

Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE): Addressing Newborn and Infant Gut Health Through Bacteriophage-Mediated Microbiome Engineering


proposals anticipated


Grand Challenges, Newborn and Infant Health

Richardson Foundation, Inc., SmithStrategy and Policy Fellows Program2016-6-15Policy$60,000
Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF)Request for Proposals - Research in Sustainable Solid Waste Management2016-6-1Solid Waste Management$500,000
Society of Family Planning Research FundInterdisciplinary Innovation (I2) Grant2016-6-15Family Planning$25,000
Johnson Foundation, Robert Wood (RWJF)Evidence for Action: Investigator-Initiated Research to Build a Culture of Health - Open Call for Proposals2016-7-22Culture of Health$440,000
Brain & Behavior Research FoundationNARSAD Distinguished Investigator Grants2016-7-6Neurobiological and Behavioral Research$100,000
Alternatives Research and Development Foundation (ARDF)2015 Alternatives Research Grant ProgramTBDNon-Animal Methods in Biomedical Research, Product Testing, and Education$40,000
Clay Mathematics InstituteSenior ScholarsTBDMathematical ResearchTBD

Clay Mathematics Institute

Clay Research Fellows


Mathematical Research

Grass FoundationGrass Fellowship Program at the Marine Biological LabratoryTBDBiological Sciences$30,000

Fulbright Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowships

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

2016-7-15Varied DisciplinesTBD

 Procter and Gamble Company

Higher Education Grant Program


Social Responsibility



U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund




Tinker Foundation, Inc.

Field Research Grants


Field Research and Studies in Latin American


Simons Foundation

Targeted Grants to Institutes


Mathematical and Physical Science Research


Samuel H. Kress Foundation

History of Arts Program




Sociological Initiatives Foundation (SIF)



Supports research that furthers social change


United Engineering Foundation (UEF)


2016-6-1 Concept PaperEngineeringTBD

Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy


2017-1-31Social Sciences$7,500

Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF)

Research Grants Program

2017-2-18Biology and Agriculture$20,000

National Foundation for the Arts and the Humanities
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

Humanities Initiatives at Hispanic-Serving Institutions

2016-6-23HumanitiesUpper $100,000

Luce Foundation, Henry

Clare Boothe Luce Program (CBL) (Including Undergraduate Scholarships and Research Awards, Graduate Fellowships, and Professorships)


Information due 2016-3-7

Women in sciences and engineeringTBD

Kaplan Fund, J.M.

Furthermore Grants in Publishing


Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation

National Grants


STEM and children with disabilities


Longview Foundation (Longview Foundation for World Affairs and International Understanding)



Young people and K-12 education