How To Register

Enrollment through Open University is on a space-available basis with the consent of the instructor and the academic department.

The Open University Registration Form is available here and can also be obtained in the College of Professional and Global Education, Enrollment Services office, located in the University Student Union, Room 105.

Registration Fee
$320 per unit

Applying Credit Toward a Degree 

Bachelor's Degree Programs Master's Degree Programs
Up to 24 credits earned through Open University may be applied toward a bachelor's degree program. Up to 9 credits earned through Open University may be applied toward a master's degree and/or credential program with department pre-approval. 
  • Students may take up to 18 credits per semester, but they may not enroll in directed or independent study, research, thesis, field work, cooperative education courses, or courses with the suffix R.

  • Students planning to enroll in graduate courses (5000-level) must obtain a memo from the appropriate department chair authorizing the enrollment and submit it to the PaGE Enrollment Services Office, University Student Union, Room 105.

  • Students who have been formally admitted to the university must be on inactive status for at least one semester before they may attend Open University. This requirement applies to disqualified, out-of-state, international and resident students.

  • Open University students must also comply with university and department regulations regarding prerequisites, withdrawals, grading and student conduct.