SOAR 2 Success Newsletters


SOAR 2 SUCCESS NewslettersS2S

​Volume 1, Issue 1 – 5 are available below. Each issue includes important dates, campus and community events, campus resources, department highlights, and much more.  Stay tuned for our next issue coming this March.  We look forward to connecting with you as the program continues to develop.  Be sure to check your email regularly to stay up date for program announcements.


Volume 1, Issue 1

  • Explore - Useful tips to become a successful college student.
  • Overview - History and Political Science
  • Alumni highlight – Rolando Chavez Carranza’s college journey.
August Issue


Volume 1, Issue 2

  • Explore - Helpful tips and resources to help you survive Midterms.
  • Overview - Psychology and Sociology
  • California Great Shakeout - Brush up on your earthquake preparedness.
October Issue

Volume 1, Issue 3

  • Explore - Different learning styles and figure out which styles works best for you!
  • Overview - Anthropology and the Geoscience (geology and geography)
  • Mind Matters – Nominate someone who has promoted inner well-being on campus!
November Issue

Volume 1, Issue 4

  • Explore - Tips to thrive and make the most of your college experience.
  • Overview - Asian and Asian American Studies, Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies, Latin American Studies, and Pan African Studies
  • Hungry or need services – Cal Fresh, Cal State Food Pantry, and 211 LA County Hotline.​
Issue 4

Volume 1, Issue 5

  • Explore –  Tips and programs to help get you started in research or a health career
  • Overview –  Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry
  • Get Involved – American Society For Microbiology or the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club
s2s volume 5

Volume 1, Issue 6

  • Explore –  Is STEM right for you?
  • Overview – ​M​athematics, Natural Science, and Physics
  • Get Involved – Attend an event organized by a cmapus club

vol 6